The Acne Positivity Instagrams You Should Be Following

We thought things were bad when it was just photoshopped magazines and advertisements that we had to deal with—thanks for that body dysmorphia fashion industry, you always got ma back. 

But that now everyone is their own personal retoucher, it’s getting harder to remind ourselves what unfiltered skin and bodies even look like. Do you even remember seeing pores

Thankfully, the growing acne positivity movement is something we can dive into when we’re feeling our lowest about our skin and want to be reminded that, at the end of the day, our skin is just an organ that keeps our insides from falling out.

It is important to note that most of the figures in the acne positivity community aren’t dermatologists or estheticians, and products or routines that worked for them might not work for you, as everyone’s skin is different and unique. For some detailed info about acne and treatments check out our guides here.

The below acne positivity accounts share pictures, personal stories, progress and messages of self-love that any of us who’ve struggled with acne can relate to. Chuck ‘em a follow and try to remember that you’re more than your face, and acne too, will pass.

Kali @myfacestory 71.3k followers

In her words: Acne positivity doesn’t mean you have to be happy about having acne. It means that you’re not going to let the world tear you down. That your acne won’t define your beauty or any other part of you that makes you unique. 

Because you’re so much more than your skin. So be unapologetic, unashamed and damn proud to be you—acne or not. Stop hiding away when you deserve to take up space.

Sophia Grahn @isotretinoinwiths 41.2k followers

In her words: I know I’m not defined by one singular picture taken of my skin, nor does it reflect how I look, and it doesn’t even come close to represent who I am as a living being. 

We say that a picture is worth thousand words, but rather a picture lacks an endless vocabulary of words to capture your true essence. I didn’t like this photo, and that’s why I’m posting it. I’m posting it because it is me, yet it indefinitely fails to represent who I am.

Christina Yanello @barefacedfemme 12.5k followers

In her words: The message I want to share today is that give your body the time to heal. Whether you are struggling with acne or any other personal struggle, allow yourself the time to replenish your soul, your mind, and heart. It is OK to not be OK and that emotion is completely valid. We’re only human! Give yourself a break, everything will fall into place.

P @mynameisjustp 9k followers

In their words: Healthy skin is not synonymous with flawless skin (and neither one is criteria for good skin). If we confuse looks with health (and we do) and if we moralise health (and we do), we are telling everyone who can’t achieve clear skin that they are bad. For me, skin positivity means not punishing myself for the way I look, which honestly feels like a worthwhile #skingoal.

Lea @skinwithlea 10.6k followers

In her words: It was only until I started to accept what I saw in the mirror, started to live my life again and stopped trying to hate myself and my acne into healing when it actually did.


Cotty @skinnoshame 9.4k followers

In her words: Let your thoughts free, free yourself from that toxicity. Your acne is not synonymous of what you should feel. 

Gabriela @brielamour89 9k followers

In her words: We are all working hard to #normalizeacne and I think the #acnecommunity is doing an amazing job at it. I love all of the bare face selfies with bright sunlight highlighting our skin and breakouts… but I would also like to see more women embracing their skin and allowing themselves to feel sexy regardless of what their skin is doing.

Mariah @acnetain 8.8k followers

In her words: This social media journey of mine has been very therapeutic and liberating for me. And has resulted in so much self-confidence. The opposite of what I was expecting. Social media isn’t always the cyberbullying place it is made out to be. Sometimes it can be quite tranquil. #skinpositivity

Peter DeVito @peterdevito 166k followers

In his words: I’m doing a new series where I’m photographing people with acne smiling. There’s basically no ads or commercials with people with acne smiling. They always show people with acne as being super depressed and then when they get this miracle product that “100% cures all” they suddenly become a person again. I wanted to create something that shows that acne doesn’t have to ruin your life even though that’s how it’s always portrayed. You can have it, and still be happy.

Brian Turner @teamacne 7.6k followers

In his words: Something I think people don’t realize is that acne is emotional destructive but also it’s literally painful! I remember when I’d hit my head against something RIGHT on a cyst or is have trouble sleeping at night because every time I rolled over my face would hurt from the pressure! 

Those of us with acne are warriors, part of a secret club where only we understand the difficulty of the hardship! I love you all and I recognize how strong you have become in order to live with your acne.

Johnny @accuj0hnny 1.7k followers

In his words: You got to fuck with yourself so heavy, you need to lift yourself up when no one else can. You are so strong, and you are the only you there is ever going to be. Take that spotlight and own who the hell you are.

Lead image via @peterdevito, @isotretinoinwiths.

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