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Ariana Grande Has Changed Her Hair In Isolation Again & It Just Keeps Getting Better, Yuh

Another day, another celebrity quarantine hair change. Ariana Grande has shared a new selfie on her Instagram that reveals a hair change that’s a little more subtle than Armie Hammer‘s mohawk-and-moustache situation.

Fans caught the singer recently in her performance for a Disney Family Singalong event. With her signature dark brunette high pony-tail, people were quick to start petitioning to cast her as Meg in a live-action remake of the Disney film Hercules.

Well, we’ve not only had that Hercules remake confirmed, but Grande has treated fans with a new pic revealing a deviation from her usual dark brunette colour. The shade sits in the very popular “honey brown,” hair trend according to Refinery29. In her selfie, the lighter colour is visible in what looks like strategic face-framing highlights around the singers face.

Grande’s hair has been through a pretty rough run—she used to have to bleach and dye it nearly fortnightly for her role as the red-haired Cat in the teen show Victorious. She’s talked about the hair breakage and damage she’s suffered from it, which is actually the reason she keeps it in her iconic high pony. This new colour is not only pretty but would also be a way less damaging way to switch up her style.

Her new lighter hair isn’t the first time Grande has let fans see a different side of her usually sleek-and-slicked high-pony self. In a lil video selfie she posted early last month, the singer showed off what looks like her natural hair texture: a beautiful bunch of mid-length curls. While of course, it’s Grande’s choice to wear her hair however she likes, fans are super supportive of the singer embracing her natural hair texture. Many hope for a curly-haired Ari performance in the future, “even if it’s just half of one song,” said one commenter.

Grande, is of course only one of many celebs who are changing up their look in isolation. Dua Lipa has gone through a bunch of cut and colour iterations since her chunky ’90s highlights, including an accidental fringe that happened as a result of bleach damage. Taika Waititi in the meantime just straight up let his kids shave his whole head.

If you’re tossing up a dramatic transformation of your own, all we can say is proceed with caution and don’t(!) get a stick and poke tattoo. Oh, and maybe film it if you’re giving yourself a fringe. Just in case it ends terribly and you can chuck it up on TikTok for everyone’s amusement. 👌

Lead image via Instagram @arianagrande.

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