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Pimple-Positive Patches Are The Cutest Way To Fight Your Acne-Woes

Let’s be real for a sec: pimples suck. Even tho acne is completely normal and everyone gets it, nothing puts a damper your self-esteem quite like an angry, painful red blemish smack-bang in the middle of your face (except, maybe, an ill-timed Co-Star notification telling you to “handle your sh*t”. We’re trying our best, Co-Star!!!!!!)

However, there is one way to make yourself feel better about your acne—and that is adorning them in cute-as-a-button pimple patch treatments made for showing off. While Broke-Us™ may have wanted our pimple patches to be as undetectable as possible, the newest iterations of pimple patches, with their cute shapes and colours, makes Woke-Us™ want to wear them with pride.

Not only will these party-patches keep your pimple free from bacteria and speed up the healing process, they’re also a good excuse to show up to school with stickers on your face—which is something we can definitely get behind.

If the idea of wearing a pimple patch doesn’t exactly make you feel cute, give one of these a whirl.

Pimple-positivity, baby.

SQUISH’s Flower Power patches

Founder Charli Howard is best known for her body-positive Instagram, and that same celebratory approach to loving oneself is central to Squish’s company ethos. They’re also everything-free (sulphate, paraben, perfume and petroleum) and vegan, so you’re doing good by you, and others.

Cop it here: Flower Power Acne Patches by SQUISH, $14 for 20 at Urban Outfitters.

Starface’s Hydro-Stars

Ex-beauty editor and founder of Starface Julie Schott knows a thing or two about skincare, so naturally, these adorable pimple patches are cute as they are effective. Like Squish, Starface wants you to take the selfie and post the Instagram-story while wearing your pimple patches with pride—which is easy enough when they’re so Instagram-friendly.

Unfortunately, they’re not available in Australia right now but watch this space as Schott has promised Aus shipping verrrryyyy soon.


If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to cutesy pimple patches, this pack from Sephora comes equipped with both plain and printed pimple patches. So you can hide the pimple in between your eyebrows while highlighting the one that’s shown up above your lip a-la Marilyn Munroe’s mole. We love a girl with options.

Get it here: Sephora Anti-Imperfection Patches, 12 for $6 at SEPHORA.


The early 2000s are back, and if you want to hop on the beauty trend while taking care of your skin, these pink heart-shaped blemish stickers are the way to go. If you think they’re way too cute to actually work, think again. Using only the highest quality hydrocolloid, the ability these patches have to summon bacteria and debris from deep within the skin is no joke.

Get it here: Truly’s <3 Your Imperfection patches, 36 for $10 at Truly Beauty.


And, if hearts aren’t your speed, why not try the brand’s ultra-cute star options? These little patches use tea tree oil to heal and calm spots, so it’s basically like giving your face a gold star for being cute as fuck.

Cop it here: Truly’s Our Stars acne patches, 36 for $10 at Truly Beauty.

Patch-Holic’s Soothing Sticker Patch Sheet

While Patch-holic’s sticker set isn’t exclusively designed for acne, the patch’s soothing and calming effects are good for your skin. Aiming to “soothe and heal irritated skin spots,” these lil guys come in three sets of designs: ‘fruits,’ ‘play,’ and ‘vacation.’

Cop it here: Patch-holic’s soothing sticker sheet, 6 for $1.99 at Urban Outfitters.

So next time you feel a breakout coming on, give one of these a whirl. It’ll make getting your next pimple a teensy bit more exciting, and a 10000% cuter. Take it from us.

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