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The Ordinary, NIOD And Hylamide: What’s The Reaaaal Difference?

As far as skincare is concerned, The Ordinary is still one of our favourite brands.

Consumers can’t get enough of the brand’s no-frills approach—it consistently sells out at Priceline and ranks amongst the top-sellers of Adore Beauty and And when you consider that The Ordinary places little to no emphasis on marketing and publicity, the brand’s swift rise in popularity has been quite some feat.

The Ordinary is just one of many brands owned by Toronto-based company Deciem. While The Ordinary is undoubtedly Deciem’s most popular export, it’s joined by Niod, Hylamide, Chemistry Brand, Stemm, Fountain, HIF, AB Crew and Esho.

All brands have slighty different skews, however, they share the same values: science-backed formulas, no marketing campaigns, and suspiciously low price tags.

The New Yorker labelled The Ordinary as Deciem’s “gateway brand” (and we tend to agree). So what is the difference between The Ordinary and Deciem’s next most popular brands Niod and Hylamide? Below, we break it down.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary is focused on delivering effective skincare to consumers at an extremely low price tag. For example, the brand’s best-selling Hyaluronic Acid retails for just $12.90, while the celeb favourite serumGranactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%, is priced at $17.90.

How can they afford to keep their prices so low? According to The Ordinary, their products are based on ingredients that have been studied for many years. They buy these tried-and-tested ingredients in bulk, making the products relatively cheap to manufacture.

The low price points of The Ordinary products are an honest reflection of the manufacturing costs. Deciem’s late founder Brandon Truaxe created the brand after working for a skincare lab and learning about the huge mark up on other skincare products.

Navigating through The Ordinary’s catalogue can be confusing to many consumers, as the products are usually named after chemical compounds. However, it’s worth cracking the code to figure out what each of the raw ingredients does, because The Ordinary products work.


One of Deciem’s other well-known brands is NIOD.

NIOD stands for Non Invasive Options in Dermatology. Its packaging and formulas are a little more luxe than The Ordinary so as a result, the prices are slightly higher.

While The Ordinary is based on tried-and-tested chemical compounds, NIOD is a little more experimental and focuses on long-term results.The brand focuses on new-gen technology and pushing the limits of science in skincare. If Deciem chemists discover a revolutionary new ingredient, it’ll soon turn up in a NIOD product.

NIOD products are a little more complex than their counterparts at The Ordinary. For example, NIOD’s answer to The Ordinary’s best-selling Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum is called the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. At $50, it’s a little more pricey and contains a more advanced hyaluronic acid formulation, complete with 15 forms of HA.


So we’ve established that The Ordinary is simple and affordable, while NIOD is more luxurious and high-performance. Hylamide falls somewhere in the middle.

Hylamide packaging is colourful and less minimalistic than The Ordinary. With user-friendly product names including Booster Pore Control, Booster Sensitive Fix and High-Efficiency Face Cleaner, Hylamide is a little easier to navigate than The Ordinary.

Lead image via Deciem.