5 Easy Hairstyles For School You Can Do In Your Sleep (Literally)

You know those people who get up at, like, 5am every morning, and meditate and journal and go to the gym and do their whole makeup and hair routine at home and not on the bus, and write a novel and solve the Riemann hypothesis? 

Yeah, it could not be me. 

Sleep is precious to me, it’s like a small, socially acceptable respite from the terror of consciousness I get to enjoy every night. Doing my hair… much less so. And heat tools in the morning when I am bleary and my fine motor skills are still waking up? Forget about it. 

To that end, here are a bunch of low effort easy hairstyles that you can accomplish with minimal effort, or do the night before and sleep in.

The ‘I truly woke up like this’ bun

Now, your mileage is going to vary with this one, but sometimes the most *perfect* undone buns happen from throwing your hair into a scrunchie the night before and sleeping on it. A couple of things can help stack the odds in your favour of waking up with a good one: do this with second, third, or fourth-day hair. Grease is just texture by another name, but if you’re worried it’s too much, hit your hair with a little dry shampoo where it needs it in the morning. 

Using a relatively elastic or scrunchie to secure the night before is also helpful, we’re going for undone here, not ballerina. Finally, if you haven’t invested in one already a silk pillowcase is helpful for protecting your hair (and skin too) and keeping it from getting too dry or frizzy in the night. 

Overnight beachy waves

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Setting aside the fact nobody’s hair actually looks like this at the beach, loose, soft waves are one of the easiest ways to get your hair looking cute with minimal effort. Sometimes, just taking it out of the above hairstyle is enough! Magic, a two-fer, if you will. 

If you’ve got five minutes in the evening before and want a little more control over how your waves will turn out, we love these tutorials from content creator Tara Marzuki @tarmarz for beachy waves and volume, and more recent Instagram sensation heartless waves.

Pretty in plaits

Another endlessly variable, adaptable overnight option is the humble plait. Barely any skill required, looks great kind of lived-in, and works for a variety of hair lengths and textures. Certified honey Hang Nguyen (above) does her long hair in two low plaits and chucks a beanie on top which is extremely cute, but do what you feel. 

Pro-tip, this is also a nice opportunity to run a little hair oil or leave-in conditioner through the night before. Smooth today, even softer tomorrow. Nice.

A twisted Pony – Ginuwine.mp4

You know the mornings when you’re attempting to do a ponytail, but your hair is simply not sitting right? It’s too frizzy or it’s bent in a weird way while the other half is straight? And you don’t want to put it in a bun or plait? This is a good alt version. 

Chuck your hair into a low ponytail and section the ponytail into two. Roll the sections inwards towards each other (if this is a little tricky you can hold one end in your mouth n do em one by one) and then twist them into each other in a spiral. Secure at the bottom. 

A pineapple (not under the sea)

Curly hair can be a little less (read: a lot less) “wash and go” than other hair textures, but a pineapple is an excellent workaround that both protects your hair while you sleep and with a tiny bit of adjusting can look cute and good-to-go in the morning. 

There are a tonne of tutorials on how to achieve this look, try looking for someone with a similar length and curl pattern to you for the best results. In the morning, you can either take down your well-protected hair and leave it, or spritz it with some moisturising spray and put it back up into a slightly tighter pineapple. A headwrap is optional but very cute.

Need more ideas? Please see: our guide to easy uni hairstyles, ya welcome.

Lead image: Tara Marzuki via Instagram.

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