The Makeup Artist Behind All Ur Fav ‘Euphoria’ Looks Is Hosting A Free Masterclass

As much as there are positives to the perma-at-home vibes of isolations, namely leggings and tie-dye hoodies 24/7, there are some things we miss. Mainly, putting on a four-hour ’90s RnB playlist and getting ready to go out. If you’ve been in isolation so long your hands are kinda forgetting how to hold an eye shadow brush, you might wanna tune into this Zoom.

Kristen Coleman, the incredible makeup artist behind the stunning Euphoria makeup looks is hosting a free makeup masterclass.

In collaboration with the beauty brand Kosas and the drinks company Sunwink, Coleman is showing us all her tips and tricks for crafting the perfect eye look. Before you get too overwhelmed, don’t worry, you’re not gonna have to track down any eco-friendly glitter or gold foil. In a preview on her Instagram, Coleman showed off a much for achievable look for the Euphoria tutorial. The v autumnal look features warm, burnished orange and gold tones, with just a few little (optional) gems.

She explains that as well as breaking down the artistry of her Euphoria makeup looks, she also just wants to show people how they can create a winged eyeliner look that works for their eye shape. “A lot of people have an eye shape that prevents them from making a super straight clean line on the top lid while attempting a winged eyeliner. So I hope I can shed some light on how to navigate in achieving a really pretty winged liner for all of your beautiful eyes out there.”

Yes! How often have we clicked on a YouTube makeup tutorial and then before you’ve even picked up your primer your eye shape says “that’s a no from me, dawg”? Kristen, teach us your ways, pls.

The Euphoria-inspired makeup tutorial is going to be totally free and open to the public on May 15th. While everyone gets to watch Coleman walking us through the look in a step by step guide, a lucky few who register at the event early will also be able to ask her specific questions. Check out the Eventbrite page for more details here.

In the meantime, how about quick whip down memory lane of some of our fave Euphoria makeup looks? I mean, other than listening to ‘Say So’ on repeat, what else are you doing right now?

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