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The Only Celebrity Quarantine Haircut I Care About Is Taika Waititi’s

Quick q: is it wrong to enjoy people, namely, celebrities, absolutely losing it during coronavirus lockdowns? Surely anything someone willingly puts on the internet is fair game right? Celebrity TikToks I’m looking at you. While we’re all undergoing this mass trauma together (but, like, apart), the ways people are coping has run the gamut from deep nostalgia gaming hours to nu!self care. Now, it seems, a growing faction of people are going back to the classics, enter: the drastic quarantine haircut. 

One of Syrup’s fav writers, beauty journalist Jessica De Fino wrote about the potential significance of these drastic hair transformations. There’s a long history of the emotionally resonant haircut: from symbolic hair cutting and head shaving rituals in Eastern traditions to knowing a girl is truly fucken’ over you when she cuts all her hair off. 

Is this wave of at-home quarantine hair cuts, fringes and dye-jobs a way of clinging on to a sense of control? An excision of the trappings of presentability? A desperate way to try and stay at the top of the IG feed when you can no longer take your fitpics in scenic locations? We’re not sure but a tonne of celebs have jumped on the quarantine haircut bandwagon to varying success. 

Celebrities getting quarantine haircuts, the journey so far…

Bretman Rock

Homeboy Bretman Rock debuted a new silver foxy look on his IG a lil while ago. Taking thicc, dark Asian hair to a lighter colour is no joke, and he documented the lengthy process over a couple of posts, subsequently going from sliver to highlighter yellow aaaannnd… it’s actually pretty cute! We wouldn’t rec trying at home tho.


The Grammy-winning musician and uber-honey Rosalía has gone the time honoured route of cutting your own bangs for her quarantine haircut. While it’s pretty much universally advised that we don’t do this, it turned out pretty decent. 

Now, to resist my dumb bitch urge to cut myself a fringe, as if I suddenly don’t remember six months of forehead breakouts. 

Elle Fanning

actress elle fanning and her pink quarantine haircut

The younger Fanning sis, and star in the next Netflix teen-movie on our watch-list All The Bright Places took to Instagram to debut freshly dyed pink hair. Fanning’s had pink hair before iso, so it’s not *as* risky of a quarantine haircut, and certainly kills a couple hours of boredom. V cute, too.

Among the other celeb quarantine haircuts we’ve noticed cropping (hah) up online so far: Scott Evans getting buzzed, as assisted by his bro Chris Evans/Captain America, Jim Carey’s wonderfully existential “meaningless transformation” of him growing his beard, and Pink drunkenly shaving her head. A whole schmood. 

Taika Waititi

But I’m here to tell you, the only celebrity quarantine haircut you should care about is this one, the Thor: Love And Thunder director and IRL angel Taika Waititi letting his two daughters cut his magnificent grey mane. If you missed the Kiwi director’s adorable Instagram Live, you can watch a lil clip below.

My fav moment is when one of his daughters exclaims, “I’m not shaving all your hair,” and Waititi looks at camera A: “Well, someone has to.” Perfection.

All this shaving, cutting and dying has got us wondering how we’re eventually going to take care of our own hair too. While we’re obviously big advocates of letting it all go, while we go nowhere, if you did want to keep up some appearances to help you feel a lil more grounded/normal/not like a little gremlin we got the expert tips. 

Syrup spoke with the team at  Revlon Professional and the multi-award winning hairdresser, Michael Piastrino from Ibiza Hair. He’s AHFA Victorian Hairdresser of the Year and a celebrity hairdresser, just a casual FYI. Check out the hot tips below.

How to deal with regrowth and roots at home

Due to the unprecedented event of COVID-19, hair salons may be forced to close. Normally when we know a client is unable to attend their next appointment due to travelling, for example, we encourage them to use the Eksperience Color Protection range for coloured and treated hair because it creates a protective barrier to maintain colour. Using the hair cleanser and sealing mask adds extra colour protection, which in turn preserves colour. 

How to deal with not being able to get to a hairdresser for a trim/cut

Clients can take simple measures at home to ensure their hair is well looked after. These include eating the right foods, avoid heat styling tools when possible, skip the daily shampoo to prevent breakage and frizz, and finish your shower with a cool rinse. I recommend using the UNIQONE™ SUPER10R Hair Mask to strengthen, nourish, and repair hair that is damaged or has split ends. Also, we encourage using a microfiber hair towel to soak up water quickly so minimal damage is caused when rubbing hair into a frizzy state to get it dry.

How to do create an at-home hair spa situation

We absolutely adore the Revlon Pro UNIQONE spray as a leave-in treatment for any hair type. The best thing about this product is you can use it on both wet and dry hair, it easily controls frizz and more importantly it helps control colour fade protection. The Eksperience Sebum Control is another beautiful range that helps control excess hair oils. This range leaves hair light, soft and very hydrated. Finally the Eksperience Boost Hair Multivitamin Cocktail is highly recommended for those who need to repair damaged hair. It’s a luxurious product that Boost’s hair strength, which is vital in minimising dry, damaged hair.

How to maintain a fade at home

Using a good, nourishing conditioner can help maintain a fade, in most circumstances. Conditioners give your hair extra moisture, protects your hair from drying out and losing too much oils. The American Crew Daily Hair Shampoo and Conditioner is a gentle, natural cleanser and conditioner that doesn’t strip natural oils from the hair. Well cared for hair will grow healthier and the haircut will last longer.

Lead image via Esquire Singapore.

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