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Rihanna Confirms Fenty Skin Is Coming & Ignores Your Desperation for R9

Ready for some good news? We finally know when Fenty Skin is dropping and it’s real soon. All that dry and winter-afflicted cracking skin can go on and take a bow because we’re about to come out of this season absolutely glowing.

Earlier today, the freshly made Instagram account for Rihanna’s Fenty skincare line Fenty Skin shared a video of our fave bad gal going through a basic skincare routine—face wash, toner and moisturiser. Even without Rihanna applying it on herself and with little to no information on what will actually be for sale, we just about lost it at the news.

According to the caption, you’ll be able to get your own Fenty Skin goods when it launches exclusively on the Fenty Skin website on the 31st of July. FYI, you can sign up for early access to the site’s launch on the 29th of July rn.

And, as skincare beauty and makeup influencer Edward Zo wrote in the comments, “The Ordinary is quivering.”

The line was originally eluded to in British Vogue‘s May 2020 issue where Riri confirmed that yes, the rumours are true, Fenty Skin is in the works.

The interview is full of Rihanna-isms—one of our favs being she wants 3 or 4 kids and doesn’t really care if a man is in the picture—but her sentiments around her game-changing makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and the upcoming extension into skincare are what beauty aficionados and Rihanna fans alike can get excited about.

Fenty Beauty’s meteoric rise through the beauty industry has been well-documented. Since its launch in 2017 the brand has swiftly amassed loyal customers and sits at a worth of around three billion dollars, as well as triggering a global conversation about the state of inclusivity within the colour cosmetics world.

The 50-shade range of her best-selling Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is now held up as an industry bench mark. Fenty Beauty made it clear that a makeup brand could no longer use the excuses of formulation costs, production or lack of a market for inadequate shade ranges—though ill advised launches are still cataloged on beauty industry news Instagram Estée Laundry (@esteelaundry).

In the interview, she describes her personal reaction to the game changing Fenty effect. “I’m shocked by people saying, ‘Oh my god, what made you think of making make-up for black girls?'” She continues, “I’m like, ‘What? You thought this was like, a marketing strategy? Like I’m a genius?’ It’s shocking most of the time,” she says. “Then it turns into disappointment that this is groundbreaking right now. In my mind, this was just normal.”

While there are some skincare adjacent offerings in the current Fenty Beauty line, including her lipbalm, lip scrub and body oil, we’re excited to see what someone with Rihanna’s vision for excellence is set to do in the skincare game. In the interview she notes: “Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide.”

If the Fenty Skin is as half as revolutionary as Fenty Beauty, our faces are in for a treat. And our ears? Well at least they’ll be well-moisturised while we wait for R9.


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