Heads Up, The Sailor Moon x ColourPop Collection Is Back In Stock & On Sale

[UPDATE 28th October 2020]: By the power of Moon Prism, ColourPop has restocked its Sailor Moon-themed makeup collection yet again. And, if you were one of the lucky ones who browsed the site’s wares during their Fall Haul sale, everything off the site, including the magical girl goodies, were 25 percent off. Sadly, the sale ended on Monday, the 26th of October—so early Tuesday morning, the 27th of October here in Australia.

[ORIGINAL 15th April 2020]: For many of us, Sailor Moon is it when it comes to ’90s fashion inspo. Every episode, Usagi, Makoto and the gang step out in fits so fresh, they’re still stylish even by today’s standards, from baggy cargo pants (favoured by another Syrup fave, BTS’ J-Hope), to retro blazers and overalls. Donned in nothing but glittery pastel aesthetics, sailor uniforms, funky and comfy street-wear and gorgeous gowns, they’re absolute fashion kweens. 

As Charli XCX would say, anytime I watch Sailor Moon, it makes me want shout at the top of my lungs, “let’s have a girls’ night out tonight~”.

So, excuse us as we go McFucking Wild over these Sailor Moon themed beauty and fashion products. From upcoming funky streetwear to a moon prism makeup collection, here’s everything I need to be my most authentic magical girl self. 

Kith Women’s Soon To Be Announced Sailor Moon Streetwear

As reported by Teen Vogue, on 13th of April, Kith Women posted a photo on their Instagram of the original Sailor Scouts dressed in casual gear, with the caption, “coming soon.”

Shortly after, I gasped in magical girl and gay. I mean, look at my girls. Look. At. Them.


Although, there’s currently no news yet on what the line entails, the photo does give us a bit of a sneak peak. 

Usagi (Sailor Moon) is seen wearing a chic pink blazer, bike shorts, blue and white chunky sneakers; Ami (Sailor Mercury) is looking sweet and studious in a simple long sleeve baby blue turtleneck sweater dress; Makoto (Sailor Jupiter, my personal fave) is looking badass and in control with a nice dark green cardigan, black pencil skirt (or are they Bermuda shorts?) and high-top sneakers; Rei (Sailor Mars) is looking fiery and sassy in a red long sleeve shirt, tucked in at waist length with tight black pants, and matching hot ass pump heels; and ofc, Minami (Sailor Venus) is looking casually comfy in a caramel hoodie, cargo baggy pants and boots. 

What absolute fashion icons. 

Not gonna lie, Kith Women’s activewear and apparel of casual Tees, jeans and jackets feel like the kinda stuff Usagi and the gang would wear in the modern day. And, while the photo above does give us a bit of a cheeky hint, we can only imagine what the actual line will entail. 

Perhaps a little something like this?


And, either way, no matter if it’s branded as a women only cut, you bet your ass I’m gonna be buying and rocking it.

These Magical Girl Themed Chunky Sneakers By Skechers

To top that off, we have these stylish shoes made to mimic the aura and aesthetic of our fave crime fighting beauties. Skechers has done a number of character-themed sneakers, including One Piece and BT21 characters, but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to risk everything and travel overseas during Covid-19 for them before until now.

The Skechers X Sailor Moon collab features a custom print of chunky sneakers, based on the brand’s pre-existing D’Lites Air 2.0s, and a set of classic sneakers called Skechers Streets. 

The D’Lites Air 2.0 each represent the individual auras of the Sailor Guardians. There’s a dark pink x blue for Sailor Moon, navy x yellow for Sailor Venus, light x dark blue for Sailor Mercury, purple x red for Sailor Mars and pink x green for Sailor Jupiter.


Personally, I like the Sailor Moon one’s best, and not just because I always get her in any Sailor Moon personality quiz (being tired and hungry constantly is a Sailor Mood).

So goddamn cute.


Then, ofc, we have the Skecher Streets, which come in three colours (light blue, light pink and white), and, adorably, have a little ribbon bow at the back just like Sailor Moon’s pigtails. 

Sadly, the shoes are currently only available in Singapore rn, but hopefully someone brings it to our shores soon.

The Sailor Moon x Colourpop Collection… When It Finally Comes Back In Stock


But ofc, clothes aren’t everything to a magical girl. You can’t embody your ultimate moongirl fantasy if you can’t control your moon prism makeup powers and transform into a magical girl.

To put it simply, you can’t fight crime if you ain’t looking cute.

Thankfully, Colourpop introduced this amazing Sailor Moon themed palette set that I’m dying to have. 

Featuring a set of 12 shades based on tones from the hit ‘90s show, like a pale peach with hot pink called Shining Moon, a soft pink with a gold flip called Silver Crystal, or, my personal fave, a vibrant coral red with silver called Tuxedo Rose, it looks like it’ll give you the total magical glow up of your dreams. 


Throw in a pair of daylight- and moonlight-themed ultra glossy lip glosses, pressed powder blushes in a shimmery and matte pink, and opalescent purple and pink glitter gels for your body, and you’re ready to fight Queen Beryl and the Four Kings in style. Or, ya know, do your daily government-approved walk. 

The set also comes in packaging featuring shiny holographic images from the show that feel like irl gifs, which is fab. Plus, the collection is cruelty free and vegan. 

Anyway, given all that, it’s no surprise the first batch sold out within an hour. And, a second batch, which was only just restock on Thursday, 30th of July at… 3am AEST time (RIP, we do what we must to be the ultimate glam mahou shoujo) is also sold out. Now, if only I can nab some when they come back in stock again and perfectly hone my magical transformation craft while at home.


Creer Beaute’s Official Magical Girl Moon Prism Makeup


While we wait for Colourpop to get their Sailor Moon line back in stock, fortunately, we have Creer Beaute’s official set of Sailor Moon makeup. 

FYI, Creer Beaute is a Japanese brand specialising in skincare and beauty products based on iconic kawaii Japanese characters, such as the wonderfully lazy gooey egg boy, Gudetama, genderfluid Oscar from Rose of Versailles and ofc, Sailor Moon. Full disclosure, I use their Rose of Versailles themed face masks and they feel great. Anytime I wear one, I imagine myself teleporting into an anime reenactment of the French Revolution or a French royal, it’s great fun. Plus, they give me a nice smooth and shiny glow afterwards. 


Anywayyy, Creer Beaute’s set of magical girl moon prism makeup has basically everything you need. I’m talking lip and cheek tints, lip glosses based on the sailor’s colour palettes, jewel rouge lipsticks based on Princess Serenity and Black Lady, eyeliners, eyeshadows and more. 

The biggest sell about Creer Beaute’s is that it’s pretty official and accessible. Some folks have criticised some of its powders for being quite chalky and its lipgloss and eyeshadows from being dissimilar despite five different variations, but at the end of the day, if you want some magical coral, cream, candy or pastel pink, you’ve come to the right place. 

LUX’s Sailor Moon Body Soap So You Can Smell Like You’re Fighting Evil By The Moonlight And Winning Love By The Daylight

So, much like Skechers’ shoes, this isn’t available in Australia rn, in fact it’s currently exclusive to LUX in Japan, but the soap fragrances here sound pretty nice and enticing tbh. 

There’s a “Soft Rose” for Sailor Moon, “Satin Soap” for Sailor Venus, “Musky Floral” for Sailor Mercury, “Violet Floral” for Sailor Mars, and “White Garden” for Sailor Jupiter. 


Now, idk about u, but reading that, all I wanna do is lay in a hot bath, watch some old episodes of Sailor Moon with a glass of rose, and lather myself in some soft rose.

Oh, to be Usagi having a nice warm bath and complaining about being hungry after having just ate.

Julian Rizzo-Smith is a writer and producer. He also claims to be a vine historian, avid connoisseur of low-fi beats, indie hip hop and Kermit memes. In a perfect world, he’d be married to Tyler the Creator, own an Arcanine and a Lapras, and don his own Sailor Scouts uniform. He tweets @GayWeebDisaster, which is also, coincidentally, how one might describe him.

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