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How To Detox Your Summer Beauty Routine

You guys. It’s so hot. What the heck. Yes, very aware that this is a natural consequence of “summer” (and uh, climate change) or whatever, but we’re sweating. And not in a ‘new pictures of Harry Styles way.’ While most of us have realised the whole “New Year, New Me, New Everything, Ignore 2020’ routine is, for the most part, just not realistic, we do reckon now is a good time to give some of our habits a shakeup. Particularly, since we’re melting, our beauty and grooming routines.

While we’re the biggest advocates for doing beauty how you want to, on your terms, there’s no getting around the impact to the environment, our wallets and our natural skin health that a super involved regime can have. Nobody’s suggesting you throw awake your Sailor Moon treasures or go full crunchy-hippy-granola start using berries as a lip stain—unless you want to. We are, however, examining our summer makeup, skin, tanning and hair routines with a close eye.

With an ever-growing body of evidence that we might be messing with our skin too much, the time has come to detox our summer beauty routines. Minimising is also urgent from a sustainability perspective: the cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging each year, contributing to a loss of 18 million acres of forest annually, per Forbes. Choosing zero-waste and more sustainable options really does add up, as does disposing of your empty products thoughtfully through programs like TerraCycle. If you need further convincing, consider the simple joy of being able to get ready way faster in the morning when school starts again. Your future self will appreciate it, truly.

How To Detox Your Summer Beauty Routine

Streamline your skincare routine

One of our fav beauty journalists Jessica DeFino has called it: 2021 is gonna be the end of the #shelfie era. You’ve probably seen the ones we’re talking about, popularised by the likes of blogs-turned-brands like Into The Gloss. Shelf upon shelf of aesthetically pleasing serums, masks, moisturisers, toners, essences, physical exfoliators, chemical exfoliators—truly enough to make your head spin. And you only have one head, with but one face!

While we enjoy pampering as much as the next person, a bloated skincare routine that changes every time you see a new product on Instagram really isn’t the best for the planet, nor your face. This summer, we’re taking it back to the essentials: a good cleanser, a product or two to moisturise, and SPF. Not only is it better for your skin’s actual *health* and microbiome, but it’s a lot more environmentally and financially sustainable.

Self-tan more sustainably

With sun safety heavily drilled into us pretty much from birth, most of us know that the healthiest way to get a bit of a glow going comes from a bottle. Said bottle, however, is usually plastic and not the best for the planet. Enter the newly launched Bondi Sands Pure tanning range. While you’re probably already familiar with that iconic blue, black and gold packaging the new Pure collection is doing things differently, and better.

The line is housed in entirely recycled packaging made from post-consumer plastics. It’s not dissimilar to the recycled offerings from some of our favourite sustainable activewear brands. Plus, because there are no metal bits in any of the packaging, bottles can be recycled again at the end of their life much easier. It’s already a win on the environment scorecard, but the Bondi Sands Pure range is also very kind to your skin. The range is formulated with a few of our favourite skincare ingredient heroes. Hyaluronic acid for hydration (nice), vitamin C for boosting radiance (stunning) and vitamin E for its reparative properties (we love to see it!).

They’ve also taken out some of the unnecessary things. These formulations are vegan, fragrance, dye and cruelty-free, work for sensitive skin, and have been derm tested. Dw, they’re still a dual-action formula that you don’t need to rinse off. Below, our picks.

Bondi Sands Pure Self Tan Foaming Water available in Light/Medium and Dark, $24.95 from Priceline.

Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Drops, $22.85 from Priceline.

Ditch the packaging in your shower

As well as choosing more sustainably packaged options like the above tanning range, there are a bunch of places that we’re cutting out packaging altogether. While packaging-free bar soap is something that’s been an easy staple and welcome gift for ages, shampoo and conditioner has been a little more finicky.

Happily, solid shampoo and conditioner formulas have really levelled up in recent years. Say goodbye to stripping and drying shampoo bars and conditioners that never really get it right. There are more options on the market than ever for curly, colour-treated and fine hair, head this way for some recommendations.

Consider your tools of the trade

When it comes to sustainability, our simple guiding rules are: buy good things, take care of them, and use them for a long time. There are a lot of areas in our beauty routines that rely on quick, disposable single-use items—so, loads of opportunities to replace them with things that we can reuse again and again.

Swap your paper and cardboard nail files for a glass one—literally lasts forever. If you’re someone who chooses remove your body hair, swap disposable plastic razors for metal safety razors—they’re a bit more exxy at first, but save you *so* much money in the long run. Plus, the blades can be kept and recycled. There’s also the option of investing in a laser hair removal device, if you’re set on being smooth for the long-term. Makeup remover wipes? Leave them behind. We’re about oil cleansers in recyclable packing or reusable cotton rounds and micellar water now. (Much more effective and gentle on your skin too!)

With a bit of research, detox opportunities are everywhere. Who knows, maybe you wild out and end up diving into extreme minimalism. Or… idk, start drinking celery juice.

Detox your tanning routine for the better: find the new Bondi Sands Pure sustainable tanning range at Priceline. To learn more about our competition with Bondi Sands and the terms and conditions, click here.

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