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A Non-Exhaustive Guide To TikTok Hair Trends

We’re willing to speculate that as well as home office equipment, loungewear and sweats seeing a surge in sales this year, so has hair dye. Like, definitely not *sure*, this is not The Economist, buddy, but we can make a TikTok-educated guess. Early in the piece, with hairdressing salons shutting up shop or navigating fluctuating social distancing requirements, the great migration to DIY and at-home hair experiments began. We’ve seen a wealth of celebrity quarantine haircuts, some ill-fated others that were more of an, “okayyyyy~”, but the truly fertile ground for hair trends inspiration is TikTok.

Whether it’s something that falls in the classic e-girl bracket or is subtle enough you could probably wear it discreetly at school, the bold hair dye trends are coming fast and thick this year. As well as a resurgence of ’90s inspired, face-framing chunky highlights, of which there have been endless variations of, there are a few more notable trends we’re seeing slide frequently up our For You page.

It seems like even the trendsetters at the top of the chain are getting on board with some of these styles. In a new Instagram story shared recently, model Bella Hadid shared a sneak peek of her rocking the blonde highlight. We’re wondering if it’s for a modelling job, considering her caption, “she’s back in the makeup chair let’s go.”

In the interests of charting some of the most popular styles for posterity, we’ve rounded up a few of the archetypal hair dye styles we’re seeing all over everyone’s heads right now. Make sure to save you faves to show your hair colourist, or you know, your best friend standing next to you with the at-home bleach kit.

Chunky Highlights or ‘Rogue Highlights’

Dainty Streaks

Peek-a-boo hair

Skunk or two-tone hair

Split-dye hair

Multi-coloured fringe

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