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Is TikTok The Future Of Beauty Tutorials? Pls Say Yes

Step aside, addictive 30 second dances to remixed songs, there’s a new TikTok trend we’re here to learn n copy. 

In a TikTok hair tutorial that’s since gone viral, user @moothless swiftly demonstrates her technique for getting shiny diffused curls. What makes the video so great is how *simply* she explains it, and of course the requisite TikTok humour in her voice over delivery.

For the quickest rundown, though idk if it’d be faster than just watching the TikTok tutorial vid, the technique begins with wet-ish, fresh out of the towel hair. She then rakes a leave-in conditioner through her hair, before brushing it through carefully. After that scrunch (don’t rake) gel over the conditioner curls, before gently diffusing with a hairdryer. And that’s pretty much it.

All the #teamcurly sharing got us thinking here at Syrup HQ, are TikTok tutorials the future of video-based beauty tutorials?

As long time watchers/readers/commenters on beauty internet, we’ve seen the tides turn multiple times. Once upon a time the picture by picture blog tutorial was king… RIP. YouTube remains a heavyweight, but one of the problems there is you often have to sit through a 20 minute video that really could have been five—YouTube gives longer vids more of that advertising schomney love.

The other thing we often find w YouTube tutorials is that the advice is very personal. Products  mentioned are ones that a person’s chosen bc it works best for their hair texture/skin type/budget. While that’s great if you can find a YouTuber with similar features to you and an aesthetic you dig, the beauty of a TikTok tutorial is the suuuper fast and digestible nature of the video.

Let’s be real, most of us, by now, probably have a pretty decent idea of what works and what we like in the way of beauty products. Five minutes of explanation about one particular brand’s leave in conditioner is probably not necessary when you know what your hair enjoys already and are gonna be replicating it with the products you’ve got at home.

TikTok’s viral, replicable nature lends itself to seeing how techniques and tips work on a diverse variety of people. The video has been recreated a bunch of times, by people with varying hair textures and length. Users with straighter hair, damaged hair, and coloured hair have all given it a go, and most have seen gr8, bouncy and diffused results—which is super helpful if you’re trying to figure out how something might actually look on you.

We’ve included some of our fav renditions of this TikTok tutorial and @moothless’ original below. If you feel like it, go forth and diffuse ya bad self.


this is MY method and what works for ME ##JustAddGlitter ##lovesongcovers ##MyInstaxShoutout ##onmyway ##CepacolSickBeats ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – moothless

I know my hair ain’t curly especially since it’s damaged af but I think this did kind of helped my hair get a lil of its pattern ##foryou ##fy

♬ original sound – moothless

##curls ##hair ##styling ##fyp ##howto ##foryou

♬ original sound – moothless

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♬ original sound – moothless

this just changed my whole life ##wishmeluck ##foryou ##fyp ##ButterGlossPop

♬ original sound – moothless

enjoy this draft and last hair video promise

♬ original sound – moothless

Lead image via @thatcurlytop and TikTok.

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