Zendaya Is Now A TikTok Girl With New Chunky Blonde Highlights

Happy Monday to you and Zendaya’s new hairdo.

Our favourite Emmy-winning Euphoria star, model and flawless human being recently shared a video of her and her friend “dropping off their ballots” for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. In the clip, she encouraged everyone to get out and vote, sharing a link to more voting information, not before treating us with a lil glimpse at her new hair colour, which anyone who’s been on TikTok will be left thinking, “is for me? 🥺.”

Zendaya is now sporting chunky blonde highlights on the side and at the ends of her hair. In the video, Zendaya wore a dark brown and beige striped jumper, cuffed jeans, white socks and sneakers, and a disposable face mask. Adding to the look, she matched it all with a pair of rings and her new hairstyle, which she pulled back into a sleek ponytail, revealing the lighter streaks of blonde on the sides and ends. You can catch a closer look at the hair as she inches closer to the camera below.

And naturally, while we’re all proud of our queen for doing her civic duty and voting, fans are also in love with her new ‘do. “The BLONDE 😭😭,” commented one diehard Zendaya stan. “ZENDAYA THE BLONDE—,” added another. 

No matter whether you’re eligible to vote in the U.S. Presidential election or anxiously watching it all from the sidelines like us here in Australia, we all had one thought when we woke up and saw the video above: “HER HAIR HOLD UP.”

Hopefully Zendaya will give us a full look at her new blonde TikTok hair after more of her U.S. fans share that they’ve voted. ICYMI, 2020 saw the return of the phat chunky highlights, after a feast of TikTok hair dye trends. And really, Zendaya is just proving that it is still here to stay.

Zendaya is no amatuer when it comes to makeup, fashion and beauty. The 24-year-old does her own makeup and made a case for the vintage when she accepted an award wearing a dress that was older than her

P.S. If you’re longing for more Zendaya on your laptop screens, the Euphoria star has a Netflix film coming, and just dropped when we can expect to get new episodes of HBO’s Euphoria

Hero source: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

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