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Which Boy Has The Best Hands? An Investigation

Hands are sexy. I know everyone is all about clavicles or shoulders or the nape of the neck these days but there’s just something about a good old fashion pair of hands that cannot be beaten. Or singular hand, we’re not ableist here. When one considers the variety of tender, touching, forceful, gentle, and stimulating applications of hands, is it any wonder that they can become objects of affection? Some hands are so alluring they enter the zeitgeist as cultural objects in and of themselves, spinning out universes of tributary TikToks and declarations in Reddit threads. Exhibit A: “my sexual orientation is Adam Driver’s hands.”

Now, Adam Driver’s hands are objectively good hands. They’re always clean and well-manicured, he moves them with a gentle-but-firm grace and as scientifically demonstrated by the incredible TikTok below, they’re really, really fucking big. Like, looks like he could choke you out with one hand while doing *other stuff* with the non-choking appendage. If you’re into that, of course.


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♬ Wish – Trippie Mix – Diplo

That said, I think there are other hands that should be appreciated! Maybe even ranked? Shall we take a little trip into the chaotic world of searching actor’s names in Google with the word “hands” after it and see what comes up? Yeah, I think so. Let’s get hands-on.

Armie Hammer’s hands

A strong contender for the title of “Best Hands In Hollywood” has to be Armie Hammer. As well as gently cradling portentous peaches in Call Me By Your Name, Hammer’s hands are also an Extremely Good Size and enjoyably strong-looking. I particularly enjoy the way his hands wrap so easily all the way around Alicia Vikander’s pretty normal-sized wrists in this scene from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Deeply stylistically underrated film btw, like Call Me gave us Hammer in aggressively short shorts, but Man From is far superior with the black turtleneck and tan leather jacket combo. What a soviet delight.

Idris Elba’s hands

Now, I may, potentially, be being swayed on the status of Idris Elba’s hands here because of Idris Elba’s… everything else. However, I would argue that Idris Elba’s hands deserve to be on the list because much like myself after too much time on TikTok, his hands are uniquely expressive and prone to finger-guns and chucking up a peace sign, like so.

For further evidence of these expressive tatted up hands that will not violate copyright, please head here. This one of his baby holding onto the literal tip of his giant finger on his giant hand, in particular, is sending me. Mans has good hands. He’s on the list.

Idris Elba as Luther, image via BBC.

Lucas’s hands

Now, it can be very difficult to discern if a K-pop idol’s hands are actually any good because K-pop stans are utterly batshit and will froth over *anything* but Lucas (of SuperM, NCT, NCT U, and WayV) does have quite good ones. They’re so long and very well-moisturised looking? (Let’s ignore the fact that idols are probably hypervigilant about their appearance at all times.)

More of Lucas’ hands, this time, with bonus rings. Does it say something he can get away with such a chunky silver band without it looking overwhelming or costumey on his fingers? Idk, maybe.

Gong Yoo’s hands

Another great pair of hands that South Korea has exported are those belonging to actor Gong Yoo, of the iconic series Coffee Prince and the more recent Goblin. Please click through for these incredibly aesthetically pleasing digits, they do that thing where the space between the knuckles is noticeably slimmer than the rest of the fingers. Like a delicate anime character’s hands. Beautiful.

They also have the *range.* Look at them with ink embellishments:

Image via Sunshine Mine.

Are knuckle letter tattoos… hot now?

Cillian Murphy’s hands

Cillian Murphy’s hands are of note to me because of how much his directors seem to enjoy making him do sexy-adjacent stuff with them. You’ll notice in The Dark Knight trilogy he constantly adjusts and takes his glasses on and off. Low-key sexy. (Christoper Nolan was transfixed by Murphy’s also v good ice-blue eyes, so the glasses thing was an excuse to draw attention to them. RPattz in the eyeliner could never).

In Peaky Blinders, his character smokes and drinks a lot, leaving a lot of time for pretty closeups of said hands. Like Elba’s, they’re very expressive. Don’t come for me re: the smoking btw, it is not my fault that the tobacco industry literally uses culture as “smoking sexy 🥺” propaganda.

When it comes to making a final decision on whomst has the best hands, I throw it over to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think, just like a face, so much of the allure of hands comes from knowing them, or at least seeing their expressive poetry in motion as they interface with the world.

And if you’re suddenly looking down at your own and realising that perhaps you’d like to give them a treat for all the keyboard smashing? We’re partial to settling with one of our favourite ASMR YouTubers for a 40-minute nail and hand care ritual. Subsequent nail art optional. ✌️

Lead image via Lauren Dukoff, Reddit, GQ.

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