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The Animal Crossing Switch Is Back… Seven Months Later

While most of the gaming world might be gearing up for this year’s major launches to duke it out—the next Xbox and PlayStation 5, ICYMI—there’s been a new release that’s also causing a bit of a kerfuffle. After an uncannily well-timed arrival at the beginning of the year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons kind of became the unofficial game of isolation. The coveted Animal Crossing Switch console (the Animal Crossing-themed edition of the Switch console) sold out quickly, but now the for the first time, it’s back.

Earlier this week Nintendo announced that the Animal Crossing Switch console, complete with pastel green and blue Joy-cons and a Nook family decal, is back—returning for the first time since it sold out back in *checks notes* March. Avid fans pretty much had to make a choice back then between dropping an exorbitant amount on the Animal Crossing Switch console from a reseller or going with the, perfectly fine, standard red and blue version.

While some are happy to be able to cop the cute console now, others are pointing out that with seven months of time invested into their current Animal Crossing island, perhaps Nintendo would better serve players with a different update. Namely, the ability to transfer your island’s data easily between consoles.

Apparently transferring your Animal Crossing island data *is* possible now, it just requires a bit of faffing around and emailing their customer service team. “You shouldn’t have to contact customer support for a service that should be given. For those who do not know these steps, one wrong move and your island is done. Also, sometimes support won’t unless you break or lose your old switch,” wrote one user. Not what you wanna hear about your painstakingly crafted, town-planner-approved village.

According to Nintendo’s wildly uninformative post, people looking to get their hands on the Animal Crossing Switch console should check with their local retailers “for more details on availability.” Sure, Jan, we’ll do that.

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