Last night, I returned to my Animal Crossing island (named Purgatory, if you were wondering), chatted to my villager and favourite virtual dog in the world Bones, and was reminded of an important day coming up in our town this Monday: Katt’s birthday.

‘Oh no,’ I thought. My island is definitely not in a state where I’d invite people over to visit let alone one fit for partying and celebrating rn. The sudden news made me think, ‘what if I took a day or two away from my island vacation life, and missed one of my actual faves’s birthdays?’ That’s straight up Animal Crossing Cruelty. 

So, humble island neighbourino, to make sure neither of us ever get into that kind of awkward mess and have to slide into our villagers’ DMs at 12:09am the next day and give them a random egg chair we have laying around from the cursed Easter event in-game as a very belated gift, mayhaps you check this guide below for the list of every Animal Crossing villagers birthday.  

Dw, unlike Tom Nook we won’t charge you for this service.

There’s A Twitter Account Dedicated To Animal Crossing Birthdays

First of all, there’s a really cute Twitter account called @ACBirthdayBot which shares a birthday post each day for Animal Crossing villagers. 

The last documented one was Pietro, the smug very unnerving clown-faced sheep, who was born at some point in some unknown galaxy and timeline on the 19th April. 

He may be 16 years old but he’s 50,000 honks in clown years.

Nintendo Released A Cheeky 2020 Calendar With Villagers’ Birthdays On It

Earlier in the year, Nintendo released an official digital Animal Crossing-themed birthday calendar, which lists every villager that appeared in the games before New Horizons. Alas, to access it, you need to spend Nintendo’s cryptic online currency, specifically, 80 cursed Platinum points. 

Full credit to the list below belongs to game guide site Gamepur.

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers’ Birthday


1st Jan: Bob and Ankha

2nd Jan: Shrunk and Poncho

3rd Jan: Joey

4th Jan: Diana and Dizzy

5th Jan: Roald

6th Jan: Carmen

7th Jan: Harry

8th Jan: Joan and Pierce

9th Jan: Tiffany

10th Jan: Papi

11th Jan: Maddie

12th Jan: Moe

13th Jan: Puddles

14th Jan: Velma

15th Jan: Gladys

16th Jan: Ursala

17th Jan: Rizzo (Me at my worst)

Side note: why is this Rizzo’s voice? I’m disgusted.

18th Jan: Sherb

19th Jan: Simon

20th Jan: Opal

21st Jan: Genji

22nd Jan: Francine

23rd Jan: Gwen

24th Jan: Rhonda

25th Jan: Savanah

26th Jan: Cyrus and Vivian

27th Jan: Admiral and Aurora

28th Jan: Margie

29th Jan: Cube

30th Jan: Flurry

31st Jan: Harriet and Winnie

Animal Crossing Villagers Birthdays in February

1st Feb: Bill and Rover

2nd Feb: Jitters

3rd Feb: Olivia

4th Feb: Lily

5th Feb: Penelope

6th Feb: Annalisa

7th Feb: (OK,) Boomer 

8th Feb: Blanca and Frobert

9th Feb: Flora and Cleo

10th Feb: Stitches

11th Feb: Pompom

12th Feb: Drago

13th Feb: Ribbot

14th Feb: Muffy

15th Feb: Kitty

16th Feb: Anabelle

17th Feb: Dobie

18th Feb: Dora

19th Feb: Freckles

20th Feb: Sprinkle

21st Feb: Puck

22nd Feb: Avery

23rd Feb: Pate

24th Feb: Anicotti

25th Feb: Hamphrey and Wendell

26th Feb: Sheldon and Wisp

27th Feb: Rosie

28th Feb: Naomi

29th Feb: Luna


1st March: Coco

2nd March: Barold

3rd March: Bonbon and Pave

4th March: Anchovy

5th March: Gala

6th March: Chevre and Chai

7th March: C.J. and Molly.

8th March: Pete and Zucker

9th March: Cyrano

11th March: Hopkins and Zipper

12th March: Midge

14th March: Dotty

15th March: Julian (Me at my best)

16th March: Doc

17th March: Cheri

18th March: Dom

19th March: Merengue and Pelly

20th March: Hornsby

21st March: Elise

22nd March: Paula

23rd March: Axel

24th March: Skye

25th March: Billy and Celia

26th March: Fauna and Louie

27th March: Lolly

28th March: Baabara

29th March: Biff

30th March: Felicity

31st March: Klaus

Animal Crossing Villagers Birthdays in April

2nd April: Cashmere and Tammi

3rd April: Eunice

4th April: Buck

5th April: Beau

6th April: Resetti and Hopper

7th April: Rasher

8th April: Maelle

9th April: Stella

10th April: Shari

11th April: Punchy

12th April: Melba

13th April: Candi

14th April: Rocket

15th April: Grams

16th April: Vesta

17th April: Charlise and Porter

18th April: Piper

19th April: Pietro

20th April: Stu

21st April: Agnes

22nd April: Phoebe

23rd April: Booker and Miranda

24th April: Walt

25th April: Bertha

26th April: Kevin

27th April: Katt

28t April: Ava

29th April: Coach

30th April: Angus


1st May: Clyde and Don

2nd May: Mint

3rd May: Carlo and Sylvia

4th May: Deirdre

5th May: Paolo and Daisy Mae

6th May: Tank

7th May: Ozzie

8th May: Curlos

9th May: Bunnie

10th May: Patty and Flick

11th May: Cherry

12th May: Ellie

13th May: Biskit

14th May: Canberra (uhh, like the city?)


15th May: Leonardo

16th May: Ike

17th May: Gayle

18th May: Pekoe

19th May: Olaf

20th May: T-Bone

21st May: June

22nd May: Colton and Mabel

23rd May: Peggy

24th May: Deli

25th May: Derwin and Gulliver

26th May: Bruce

27th May: Del

28th May: Renée

29th May: Purrl

30th May: Hamlet and Tom Nook

31st May: Marcie


1st June: Keaton

2nd June: Lucy

3rd June: Filbert

4th June: Reneigh

5th June: Camofrog

6th June: Lyle and Raddle

7th June: Zell, Timmy and Tommy

8th June: Peanut

9th June: Alfonso

10th June: Walker

11th June: Pudge

12th June: Bettina

13th June: Scoot

14th June: Pippy

15th June: Maple

16th June: Roscoe

17th June: Spike and Tangy

18th June: Cookie

19th June: Sally

20th June: Graham and Phineas

21st June: Sydney

22nd June: Jacques

23rd June: Tammy

24th June: Bluebear

25th June: Drake

26th June: Marina

27th June: Deena

28th June: Cooper and Kidd

29th June: Merry

30th June: Broccolo and Weber


1st July: Curt

2nd July: Agent S

3rd July: Blaire

4th July: Apollo

5th July: Reese and Samson

6th July: Mira

7th July: Bree

8th July: Jeremiah

9th July: Huck and Static

10th July: Mott

11th July: Victoria

12th July: Kapp’n and Olive

13th July: Twiggy

14th July: Dizzy

15th July: Caroline

16th July: Frita

17th July: Jay

18th July: Croque and Beppe

19th July: Nibbles and Pascal

20th July: Yuka

21st July: Prince

22nd July: Chow

23rd July: Elvis

24th July: O’Hare and Rex

25th July: Nat and Peck

26th July: Curly

27th July: Erik and Ketchup

28th July: Truffles

29th July: Lionel

30th July: Frank

31st July: Grizzly and Julia


1st August: Kid Cat

2nd August: Vladimir and Harvey

3rd August: Benjamin and Tad

4th August: Bones (my unproblematic fave) 

5th August: Poppy

6th August: Chester

7th August: Boots and Rory

8th August: Bud and Leif (Leif Bud, if you will)

9th August: Soleil

10th August: Cole

11th August: Gigi (Goode)

12th August: Gloria

13th August: Tabby

14th August: Leopold and Rod

15th August: Wendy

16th August: Leila and Nate

17th August: Stinky

18th August: Rocco

19th August: Alice and Tybalt

20th August: Lopez

21st August: Wart Jr.

22nd August: Rolf

23rd August: K.K. Slider and Nana

24th August: Jacob and Nan

25th August: Tipper

26th August: Rowan

27th August: Bangle

28th August: Chrissy and Lloid

29th August: Gruff

30th August: Hazel

31st August: Audie

Animal Crossing Villagers Birthdays in September

1st Sept.: Violet

2nd Sept.: Flo

3rd Sept.: Maggie and Spork

4th Sept.: Cally

5th Sept.: Greta

6th Sept.: Cesar and Giovanni

7th Sept.: Celeste and Tucker

8th Sept.: Astrid

9th Sept.: Pinky

10th Sept.: Pecan

11th Sept.: Peewee

12th Sept.: Lottie and Boone

13th Sept.: Moose

14th Sept.: Ricky

15th Sept.: Tutu

16th Sept.: Ed

17th Sept.: Whitney

18th Sept.: Bubbles

19th Sept.: Fuchsia

20th Sept.: Norma and Octavian

21st Sept: Henry

22nd Sept.: Ankha

23rd Sept.: Cranston

24th Sept.: Apple and Blathers

25th Sept.: Mitzi

26th Sept.: Leilani and Teddy

27th Sept.: Beardo

28th Sept.: Kody

29th Sept.: Marshal

30th Sept.: Monique


1st Oct.: Boyd and Raymond

2nd Oct.: Orville and Diva

3rd Oct.: Big Top

4th Oct.: Goose

5th Oct.: Elmer

6th Oct.: Tex and Bitty

7th Oct.: Cobb

8th Oct.: Kiki

9th Oct.: Drift

10th Oct.: Benedict and Franklin

11th Oct.: Kitt

12th Oct.: Plucky and Lyman

13th Oct.: Chops and Gonzo

14th Oct.: Egbert

15th Oct.: Bea, Brewster and Hippeux

16th Oct.: Friga

17th Oct.: Limberg

18th Oct.: Redd and Al

19th Oct.: Clay

20th Oct.: Antonio

21st Oct.: Timbra and Sandy

22nd Oct.: Katie and Sylvana

23rd Oct.: Groucho

24th Oct.: Snooty and Broffina

25th Oct.: Portia

26th Oct.: Eugene

27th Oct.: Jambette

28th Oct.: Gaston and Katrina

29th Oct.: Rodeo

30th Oct.: Wade

31st Oct.: Labelle and Jack

Animal Crossing Villagers Birthdays in November

1st Nov.: Butch

2nd Nov.: Iggly

3rd Nov.: Snake

4th Nov.: Lucky

5th Nov.: Lobo

6th Nov.: Boris

7th Nov.: Bam

8th Nov.: Alli

9th Nov.: Pango

10th Nov.: Saharah and Rodney

11th Nov.: Mac

12th Nov.: Mathilda

13th Nov.: Queenie

14th Nov.: Gracie and Pancetti

15th Nov.: Sly

16th Nov.: Daisy

17th Nov.: Mallary

18th Nov.: Tia (Tamara)

19th Nov.: Amelia

20th Nov.: Sparro

21st Nov.: Phyllis and Flip

22nd Nov.: Claudia and Sable.

23rd Nov.: Knox

24th Nov.: Shep

25th Nov.: Wolfgang

26th Nov.: Willow

27th Nov.: Phil

28th Nov.: Peaches

29th Nov.: Kabuki

30th Nov.: Kicks and Tasha


1st Dec.: Sprocket and Rooney

2nd Dec.: Annalise

3rd Dec.: Claude

4th Dec.: Robin

5th Dec.: Hans and Carrie

6th Dec.: Kyle

7th Dec.: Buzz and Monty

8th Dec.: Eloise

9th Dec.: Chip and Becky

10th Dec.: Tom

11th Dec.: Sterling

12th Dec.: Lucha

13th Dec.: Bianca

14th Dec.: Freya

15th Dec.: Chadder

16th Dec.: Gabi

17th Dec.: Wilbur and Cousteau

18th Dec.: Fang

19th Dec.: Chief

20th Dec.: Isabelle, Digby and Rudy

21st Dec.: Blanche

22nd Dec.: Quilson

23rd Dec.: Ken

24th Dec.: Jingle

25th Dec.: Ruby

26th Dec.: Pashmina

27th Dec.: Goldie

28th Dec.: Bella

29th Dec.: Murphy and Vic

30th Dec.: Hugh

31st Dec.: Marcel and Tortimer.

Julian Rizzo-Smith is a writer and producer. He also claims to be a vine historian, avid connoisseur of low-fi beats, indie hip hop and Kermit memes. In a perfect world, he’d be married to Tyler the Creator, own an Arcanine and a Lapras, and don his own Sailor Scouts uniform. He tweets @GayWeebDisaster, which is also, coincidentally, how one might describe him.

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