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Wait, Is Ariana Grande Joining The Next Season Of ‘American Horror Story’?

Alright, we know the internet loves to make a good conspiracy theory out of absolutely nothing. But, sometimes all the One Direction dudes refollowing on Zayn on Twitter really does mean something, okay?

In the latest edition of this could be something or it could also be absolutely nothing news, fans are wondering if some recent Instagram activity from television producer Ryan Murphy could mean that Ariana Grande is joining the cast of the next season of American Horror Story.

Okay, hold the phone, what exactly went down? To backtrack: Murphy has been busy with a bunch of different projects in between American Horror Story seasons. There was the acclaimed Pose, about New York’s LGBTQ ballroom culture. The Politician, an exaggerated—though what Ryan Murphy show isn’t—comedy-drama about the race of a student to become their school’s president. Murphy’s forthcoming project with Netflix, Hollywood, sees him reuniting with Glee and Harry Potter Musical alumni Darren Criss in a rewriting of Hollywood’s golden era.

In spite of all this #content, does anything really compare to the campy, gonzo extravagance of American Horror Story as its finest? Signs, aka queen Jessica Lange and queen Sarah Paulson, point to no. So when Ryan Murphy dropped a single image of a man (?) in a gimp suit on his Instagram with the caption “Coming soon…” you can bet some people were pretty excited.

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Coming soon…

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The Ariana Grande speculation comes from another sly Instagram move. Murphy only follows one person on Instagram, his husband David Miller. That is until he followed Grande. Note: if you ever want people to start rapidly theorising, that’s how to do it in 2020.

ariana grande american horror story ryan murphy

The American Horror Story series has pulled some big names throughout its nine seasons. Previous legends include Billy Porter, Naomi Campbell, Patti LuPone and the mother monster herself, Lady Gaga. So, it’s really not out of the question that someone with Ariana Grande’s star power would feature on the show. Fan’s aggressive desire for Grande to play Meg in an adaptation of Disney’s Hercules might see a whole project come to fruition from a single Disney sing-a-long after all.

Other evidence includes the fact Grande and Murphy have also worked together on his other campy horror series Scream Queens. And we know she’s a massive American Horror Story fan because she apparently met with Murphy entirely to try and get the deets on a previous season’s plot before it came out. Truly, a woman who hustles.

Other details about American Horror Story are pretty thin on the ground right now. We do know that Sara Paulson, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, Finn Wittrock, and Macaulay Culkin(!!!!) have been cast in the tenth season. The setting and plot details are still a mystery.


It’d be Grande’s first return to acting for the small screen since her time on Scream Queens. So if you’re a stan for Ari’s acting, maybe make a little isolation prayer circle if you want the rumours to come true. Just make sure it’s the non-demonic summoning kind.

Lead image: Ariana Grande in Scream Queens.

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