Syrup’s Must-Follow Aussie TikTok Accs

Where would I be without TikTok? Probably a millionaire because I’m glued to this fkn app and I would be a million times more productive without it. Suffice to say, when it comes to recommending the best Australian TikTok accounts to follow, I have a  ~wealth~ of knowledge.

With TikTok even opening an Australian office in Sydney, it’s clear that there’s no lack of love for the app over here and there’s probably heaps of y’all in the same boat as me (hopefully you’re not all as broke as me tho, that would be really sad).

But this article is not about career advice (although we have some of those if you’re interested). It’s about giving you our reccs for the best TikToks to follow from the land down under.

Kayla Comarmond (@thisiskaykayc)

Kayla Comarmond is an 18-year-old Sydney based TikToker making goofy vids about what she and real down to earth Aussies would be like in various situations. I constantly think about the way she says, “Hoggywartos,” in her video about if Hogwarts was set in Australia.

Michael Messineo (@mikes.mic)

Michael Messineo is a 24-year-old gay TikToker based in Melbourne—although currently stuck back at home in Perth, WA—and a must for anyone who is deep into Gay TikTok, University TikTok and Reality TV TikTok. From going as Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille if Remy made him a murderer this Halloween to relatable videos about how people from each faculty walked and acted at university, his videos are It. P.S. make sure to check his YouTube channel for some long-form quality content ❤️.


The Pringles are sour cream btw

♬ original sound – Mike

Peach (@peachprc)

Peach is a queer pop singer and TikTok comedian, making chaotic unhinged videos during lockdown, about existential crises and emojis that look like “beekeeper with a sword.” In my eyes, she’s Australia’s response to Brittany Broski.


no i am not open to constructive criticism at this time

♬ original sound – Peach

Mocha (@mochapom)

Mocha is an Australian Pomeranian and, tbh, downright social media influencer. When times are tough and you need some unashamedly cute content, turn to Mocha’s TikTok, where he dresses up as various decade fits, plays games and practices some v important self-care✨.


The struggle is real with the broccoli 🥦 🤣

♬ Capone – Oh No – 由user043998上传

Samantha Andrew (@samanthandrew1)

Samantha Andrew is a comedian, composer and writer of your favourite TikToks impersonating everyday Australian retailers. She’s best known for videos about “x shop assistants from Australia that you know and love,” but her other videos include when your personality becomes a new movie you watched for a whole week to people who just moved out of home.

Hannah Balany (@thexhan)

Hannah Balany is a 19-year-old Perth-based dancer on TikTok, sharing iconic dance clips with some iconic fashion.


#duet with @thexhan so who’s gonna do my dance? 🤧 insta – thexhan.official

♬ original sound – z

Meissa (

Meissa is a queer Indigenous Australian of the Wiradjuri, Gomeroi & Awabakal peoples, and member of Aussie TikTok posting educative videos on Indigenous Australians’ cultures, makeup looks and rants about everyday life.

Rifenstine (@rifenstine)

Aussie TikToker Janet Louise Reifenstein aka rifenstine is one of the best makeup artists out there. Period. Not only does she know how to beat her face like a pro, her vids are endlessly watchable because she’s so charming.

Despite being able to change her looks like a chameleon, she keeps it real: she’s weird, she’s funny, and she doesn’t give a fuck.


How I customised my sunflower hat 😁 🌻 #fyp #craft #fashion #beauty #flower #sunflower

♬ original sound – rifenstine

LazarBeam (@lazarbeam)

Albury icon Lannan Eacott got his start on YouTube, where he got big making vids about Fortnite. He then made his way to TikTok, where rather than making gaming content, he mostly does comedy, a lot of it about TikTok itself. His takedown of “TikTok gurus” is particularly great too. Check him out.


Tik Tok gurus be like…

♬ original sound – lazarbeam

Stepha Jade (@stephajade)

Stepha’s contagious smile and feel-good videos make her an essential Aussie TikToker to follow. Posting a mix of fitness, family, dancing and comedy content, she’s an irrepressible force for good.



♬ Lip Gloss – Lil Mama

Ricky Chainz (@thechainzfamily)

Famous for his “Hip-Hop Granny” series he made with his grandma Huijin, Sydneysider Ricky produces heaps of hilarious videos and is a champion of wholesome comedy. Get amongst him.


Granny vs Chicken …. That Chook Shook 🐓🦵✌🏻 …

♬ original sound – moryproductions

DubSmashKing (@ianz95)

No list of Aussie TikTok personalities would be complete without a mention of ianz95 (real name: Ian Roze). You’ve probably seen his super expressive face and classic bitchy comebacks on TikTok compilations before, even if you don’t have the app–Brisbane-based TikTok king Ian is a must-follow.


#duet with keyblade_fox_dragon 😂 love this guy. Keep up the awesome work man

♬ original sound – edwardsharp30

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