There’s a lot of good things to distract ourselves during this crisis: Animal Crossing, Netflix’s Never Have I Ever and The Half Of It, and a new documentary from Michelle Obama and The Jonas Brothers.

But, more importantly, international K-Pop boy band and my ultimate biases BTS just dropped a trailer for a new doco-series, poignantly and poetically titled Break The Silence. Or, as I’m seeing it, Break My Heart.

If this shot of Jimin holding what looks like Suga’s head as he cries backstage tells you anything, it’s that I’m going to need litres (that’s right, litres) of eye drops because my eyeballs are gonna be dryer than the Savannah Desert when I’m done watching it. 

Break The Silence Is The Closest Thing We Have To The Next World Tour

Break The Silence is a new seven-part doco-series that follows the seven-member Bangtan Boys on two of their tours: Love Yourself World Tour, which ran from 2018-2019, and 2019’s Speak Yourself Tour. 

During these epic concert tours, that I and every other Australian ARMY wish they could attend, BTS performed in front of stadium sized crowds in Seoul, Osaka, Los Angeles, Chicago, Saudi Arabia, São Paulo, London, Paris and more. And, while I only got onboard the BTS hype train less than six months ago, I’m immensely proud of them tbh.

FYI, the first episode drops on 12th May and you can preorder the heartwarming documentary series on Weverse.

What Can We Expect To See In BTS’s New Documentary Series, Break The Silence?

In a post-Map Of The Soul world, an album where Jimin and V literally called each other soulmates in the song aptly called “Friends,” Break The Silence aims to explore the intimate bonds between the members more closely and personally than ever before. 

According to BTS stan @modooborahoe on Twitter, the series spans the 351 day period of the boys on tour, beginning with the Asian leg of their Love Yourself Tour in November 2018 and ending with the final Seoul concert of the tour in October 2019.

As fellow ARMY @GENEROBOTS further adds, the first episode will document the boys’ time in Japan. The following two episodes will feature the rest of the Asian leg of the tours with the final episode set in North America.

It’s times like these that I’m reminded that Jimin, J-Hope and the rest of my faves have yet to come Down Under. Perhaps, after this pandemic, they can do a cheeky stopover in Sydney on their Map Of The Soul tour that was meant to begin this weekend.

Please Watch BangBangCon To Relive The Best BTS Concerts Of All Time

In the meantime, we can rewatch parts of BangBangCon, a 24-hour-long stay at home concert extravaganza held earlier this month over a weekend. Featuring some of the band’s biggest live shows over the years, including the Love Yourself Tour in Seoul, it’s the perfect thing to get me through this crisis right now. 

Seeing BTS grow from being angsty edgy teen boys singing about the seven of them vying for the same girl’s attention during their 2 Cool 4 Skool and O!RUL8,2? era to being an ensemble of fully realised, beautifully self-loving and emotionally vulnerable and comfortable men come their latest album Map Of The Soul… We love to see it. 

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