Cardi B Officially Offsets Her Marriage

“WAP” rapper Cardi B has filed for a divorce from her husband Offset, according to People. Like, for real this time.

The 27-year-old “Wet Ass Pussy” artist filed for divorce at an Atlanta courthouse on Tuesday. According to People, the decision comes after the 28-year-old “Clout” rapper was found being unfaithful again, before Cardi said the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.”

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, and Offset, Kiari Kendrell Cepheus, first met in February 2017 and got married in September that year. Cardi B had previously announced she was splitting from him in December 2018, after an alleged sex tape emerged featuring Offset with another woman… three months after their wedding. Ultimately, she decided to stay with him and work things out, publicly seen together at the 2019 Grammys and beyond. But, unfortunately, she’s had to defend her decision to stay ever since. 

[Quick long tangent side note: The very idea that a woman has to defend their decision to stay with a partner who has cheated on them and the way that’s vilified in mainstream media was recently brought up in an episode of the Shameless podcast, where co-hosts Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews discussed Khloé Kardashian getting back with Tristan Thompson and how certain publications focus on blaming a woman’s choice to stay with their partner and resolve things. Worth a listen, if you’re interested!]

In a February 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, Cardi B was asked about her decision and added that, at the end of the day, “I’m not your property. This is my life.”

“I know I look good, I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented. I know I could get any man I want—any basketball player, football player,” she said. “But I want to work out my shit with my man, and I don’t got to explain why.”

“I’m not your property. This is my life… I’m going to take my time, and I’m going to decide on my decision,” she added. “It’s not right, what he fucking did—but people don’t know what I did, ’cause I ain’t no angel.”

Cardi B and Offset share a two-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiara, who Cardi plans to get full custody of and get Offset to pay child support for. According to TMZ, via Paper, there is allegedly no pre-nup, so the couple’s sizeable assets will be split equitably. The hearing is set for the 4th of November. 

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