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Cardi B Is Also A Fan Of Tiger King, & She Wants Justice For Joe Exotic

In a series of tweets that some say should net her the Pulitzer for Criticism, Cardi B has weighed in on the Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, And Madness. 

If you weren’t aware, Netflix is continuing to print money via their dabblings in true crime entertainment—à la their previous runaway hit Making A Murderer—but this time with a light sprinkling of gentle class voyeurism and super questionable treatment of animals. And Cardi B, like so many engrossed watchers stuck in coronavirus self iso, is here for it.

Honestly, the more she tweets, the more it’s apparent Cardi B is truly a woman of the people. She Netflix and chills—and misses key plot information—just like us. She advocates for sensible protocols around coronavirus testing. She criticises unclear government information on lockdowns and demands better. She wants to start a GoFundMe for Tiger King personality Joe Exotic—wait… okay maybe not the last one.

Cardi establishes from the outset that Carol is not to be trusted, and if the below alignment chart and analysis of the show is anything to go by, we’d have to agree.

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#TigerKing alignment chart. There are too many players in this show and it’s very hard to box them in, but i think this is fairly close. ‬Also willing to hear counter arguments. Explanations below: 🐅 Joshua Dial, Lawful Good: This guy was a gay-vaping-libertarian gun salesman at the local walmart who become a campaign manager for an exotic cat handler and i think we can all relate to that. he went through some Real Shit. 🐅 John Finlay, Neutral Good: My guy just wanted to chill with his crocadillies and do a bunch of meth. Instead he became a gay mans straight husband. It happens 🐅 Saff, Chaotic Good: Girl got her arm torn off by a tiger and went back to work like 3 days later because she didn’t want the media to talk shit. Can you believe? 🐅 James Garretson, Lawful Neutral: An ally turned judas. No further comment at this time 🐅 Rick Kirkham, True Neutral: Who knows. Guy looks straight out of an Edward Hopper painting. Can’t get a moral read on him!! 🐅 Erik, Chaotic Neutral: He does his job and doesn’t ask many questions. What does he think of Joe Exotic’s engagement? “I don’t fucking care”. I love him. 🐅 Carole Baskin, Lawful Evil: THIS WOMAN IS A MASTER OF THE LAW. She is always playing 4D chess! She looks like Sharon Tate if Sharon Tate made poor choices. She also 10000% fed her husband to a tiger! The law has yet to find her guilty of anything. Sardine oil! 🐅 Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, Neutral Evil: This man is a cult leader who practices “mystic science” and sexually exploits young, female apprentices and also makes his workers live in subhuman living conditions. He is also a white man named BHAGAVAN 🐅 Joe Exotic, Chaotic Evil: I don’t need to explain this one

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Her comments on Joe also open up the complex ethics around docuseries production. When something straddles the line between fact and a narrative constructed for entertainment, who bears the responsibility for how real people are perceived? The individuals who signed those release forms, or the post-production Netflix powers crafting possibly the year’s most absurdly captivating shows so far? Who is the “they” doing Joe dirty? In her ambiguity, Cardi is truly one of our era’s most prescient critics. 

Cardi is one of many who believes that Joe is not guilty of the murders explored in Tiger King,  and while it remains to be seen if it’s a joke, has said she’s about to start a GoFundMe for the man.

Joe Exotic is currently in prison and is thrilled with the sudden media attention he’s received from the series, hoping that he’ll be able to use his story to advocate for “criminal justice reform.” Whether his efforts from prison or Cardi B’s Tiger King social media advocacy begin a snowball effect towards freedom for him remains to be seen.

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