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The Celebrity TikToks Documenting Humanity’s Rapid Descent Into Delirium

Idk what day you’re on of social distancing or social isolation but uh, things are starting to get weird over at Syrup HQ. Or rather, Syrup’s dispersed WFH bunkers. While we’re trying to do our part and embrace our new distanced reality (which we acknowledge is a massive privilege and thank the heroes out there in service and health w/o whom society would grind to a halt) things are getting a little zany without much social interaction.

Thankfully, we have the sweet, sweet embrace of the internet to both soothe, catalogue and spur us on during bizarro days. And so do celebrities. Among the other unexpected impacts of COVID-19, is the forced isolation of a group of people whose lives are literally based on being out in the world and being seen in it (usually in fancy clothes or at fancy places) has prompted many to head to social media. Enter the celebrity TikTok.

While some efforts from the fame set have run the gamut from tone deaf to wildly offensive, there’s also been an outpouring of Nice Things. From our boy Ben Gibbard streaming daily Death Cab For Cutie shows, to Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion sending $ to their fans, celebrities seem to be attempting to use their platforms for the greater good. 

Many are also urging their fans to practise social distancing to help #FlattenTheCurve. Which is very easy thing to preach when you’re safely ensconced in your mansion w your grand piano… but seeing as it appeared to take Tom Hanks testing positive and the NBA getting cancelled for the U.S. to wake the fuck up, perhaps every little bit helps?

If you’re looking for some celeb cabin fever content, we’ve selflessly scoured the app for the best celebrity TikTok accounts to laugh at. I mean with. For sure with.

Normani (And Her Grandma) / @normani96


♬ CoinciDANCE – Coincidance

This is soooo purrreeee, I love this. More Normani’s grandmother content.

Keke Palmer / @kekepalmer


When you be bored and just start doing anyyyything

♬ Oh My God – Sevdaliza

Good to see that cabin fever makes no class distinctions!

Cardi B / @iamcardib


Bet @offsеtyrn can’t beat me at this @tiktok ##WrapBattle. ##sponsored

♬ #WrapBattle – Cardi B vs. Offset

We have all the time in the world for Cardi B, and watching her gently lose it during a rap battle with her husband? Sign me up.

Terry Crews / @terrycrews


Operation cabin fever in FULL effect ! ##quarantine ##foryou ##cabinfeverchallenge

♬ original sound – terrycrews

Is Terry Cruise okay. Someone please check on this mans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger / @arnoldschnitzel


This time I brought LuLu.

♬ You’re My Best Friend (Originally Performed by Queen) [Karaoke Version] – BFM Hits

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, former gov of California and former-current Terminator walks his donkeys. I think… you love to see it?

Mariah Carey / @mariahcarey


Cleaning our hands to 20 seconds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard! ##SafeHands

♬ original sound – mariahcarey

Another one for the cringe bin. Idk who I feel worse for, the kids or whoever is filming this.

Lizzo / @lizzo


Day 5 of self-quarantine 🥬

♬ follow tommyxblake for more mashups at 700k – tommyxblake

Finally, a real reflection of what we’re doing in quarantine from president Lizzo… when we’re not eating anchovies out of the jar for lunch like gremlins.

Diplo / @diplo


its nice to hold someone ##fliptheswitch ##fliptheswitchchallenge ##fyp ##artistsoftiktok

♬ Nonstop – Drake

Honestly… who isn’t being incredibly annoying with their pets on social media rn.

Ashley Tisdale / @ashleytisdale


My work out while on Self Quarantine. I can’t believe I remembered it 😝

♬ original sound – ashbash2425

Amazing effort at capitalising on a pandemic to remain culturally relevant, you have to respect the hustle.

Miley Cyrus / @mileycyrus


##lifeathome ##BrightMinded ##wishmeluck

♬ original sound – mileycyrus

This stint in isolation looks a lot more realistic that the moody vibes of her Black Mirror episode.

Tyga / @tyga


Day 6 quarantined 😫 ##quarantinelife ##Freak

♬ FREAK – Tyga & Megan Thee Stallion

Idk who Tyga is (I got here thanks to researching celebrity TikToks for this story) but he seems like an enterprising young man. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Joe Jonas / @joejonas


Slowly loosing our minds

♬ original sound – joejonas

A simple, universal, and entirely unnecessary update. Carry on.

Kristin Chenoweth / @kristinchenoweth


High notes for Clorox wipes 🧽🧼##lifeathome ##cloroxwipes ##fyp ##highnote ##highnotes ##soprano ##broadway ##stayclean ##opera

♬ original sound – kristinchenoweth

Wow. How the mighty have fallen.

Rickey Thompson / @rickey_thompson


Work it!😂 ##rickeythompson ##lipsync ##work

♬ Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Fifth Harmony

Rickey Thompson is all of us a week ago. But not any more.

If you’re looking for more content (as if every media outlet ever isn’t rounding up shit to stream rn), here’s some Aussie TikToks to check out and our boy Harry’s fresh n tasty Tiny Desk Concert.

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