Natalie Tran Just Shared Unreleased Community Channel And Pls, Come Back To Me

I’m not gonna lie, I miss Community Channel. Natalie Tran’s relatable skits on YouTube making fun of everyday awkwards, like “tell Tash I said Hi,” or “the YEP system,” were unbohleviable. In fact, I can’t imagine growing up without them. The sheer amount of times I have ended an awkward convo with, “I have to go eat yoghurt.” Truly, her mind… 

Alas, it’s been *checks notes* a solid four years since Natalie Tran last released a video on the account, and it’s become a running joke that she keeps reminding fans she plans to “come back soon.” I need my fix, Tran. I miss “porno music/comment time.” 

And, after Tran shared unreleased clips of old videos that never made it on Twitter this week, we have the closest thing to her returning to YouTube.

Wait, Community Channel is back? Unbohleivable.

On 1st April (of all days, lol), Natalie Tran announced on Twitter that she was sorting through her harddrives and found some old videos that she never shared. First, a skit involving a kid at kindergarten and their questionable art projects, then, a genuinely very funny *and very Community Channel* take on the Facebook memories feature.

Shortly afterwards, Tran released another skit about how acronyms are made and what happens when people try to spell out an acronym they don’t actually know (we’ve all done it, why?). Minutes later, she took down the video. As she explained, she took down the video because of a misunderstanding of acronyms and abbreviations.

 “…What I used in the video wasn’t an acronym, it was an abbreviation,” she explained. “Imagine mixing up your acronyms with abbreviations. Ridiculous. Get out of here.”

Please Nat, we don’t mind the mistake, we just want to see you again. 

Why did Natalie Tran Quit YouTube?

In an interview with the ABC in January 2019, Natalie Tran revealed that she is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. As she explained, after experiencing a year-long self-imposed isolation and intense anxiety caused by her obsessive-compulsive disorder in 2014, Tran decided to step away from YouTube. 

Since then, she’s told fans she’s gotten better at managing it, and produced a videos for Samsung, Lonely Planet and YouTube’s Creators for Change series.

*fingers crossed*

Here’s some classic Nat to keep us going in the meantime

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