dev patel chippendales stripper movie

Dev Patel Male Stripper Movie. I Repeat, Dev Patel Male Stripper Movie.

This should have been Dev Patel’s—the internet’s most handsome boyfriend—year. If life had gone smoother, we would have been blessed with an absolute glut of content from the Skins and Lion actor. I know some are busy mourning the delay of Dune and Batman, but really, wasn’t the most important thing slated for this year Dev Patel as a literal knight? The way A24 giveth with the trailer for their foray into Arthurian legend with The Green Knight film, and the way the pandemic taketh away. RIP too to the release of his other lead role films: The Personal History of David Copperfield and Flash Crash. 🥺 We are, however, pleased to announce that Patel is now attached to *checks notes* a male stripper film based on the true story of the Chippendales.

Per Deadline, the project is likely being directed by Craig Gillespie, who directed the Oscar-winning I, Tonya. Given both stories are pretty violent tales about the perils of ambition, we are extremely intrigued and excited to see how this one is handled. The Chippendales film, which is yet to have an official title, follows the life of Steve Banerjee (Patel), an immigrant from India who’s chasing his American Dream. To answer the q now, no, he doesn’t become a stripper.

After a period of doing shitkicker jobs, he decides, as we all would, to buy a failing business and turn it into a club. Naturally, it’s one with female mud wrestling and male exotic dancers—the ’80s, and also now, to be fair. The male stripper act gets popular and Banerjee is soon raking in around $8 million a year from the Chippendale dancers. The story takes a sour turn when one of Banerjee’s co-creators of the stripper act, Paul Snider, murders his girlfriend Dorothy Stratten. Stratten was a Playboy bunny who helped to come up with the signature Chippendale uniform: cuffs and collars. Everything gets even messier after that and let’s just say it doesn’t have a happy ending, at all.

It goes without saying we are absolutely for the rights and protection of strippers and sex workers, but this tweet did make us chuckle, darkly.

Twitter is, of course, pleased by the news and if you need us that’s where we’ll be for the rest of the day. Congratulations to the boy!

Lead image by David Needleman via Twitter.

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