Please Watch Doja Cat’s Wholesome Reaction to “Say So” in Japanese

Happy Monday, y’all. Here’s some wholesome and funky news to start your week

Someone has covered Doja Cat’s “Say So” in Japanese and, not only does it slap, but Ms Doja Cat herself saw it. 

And her reaction to it is the purest thing ever. 

Srsly, y’all, I love it so much. 

“Say So” in Japanese

Last week, Raiynch, an Indonesian YouTuber who performs covers of Japanese music, released a video of her covering the internet famous rapper’s iconic “Say So” in Japanese. Featuring her angelically groovy vocals, the cover transforms the song into a soft J-Pop/J-Hip Hop jam. 

During an Instagram Live last night, Doja Cat was, like us, self-isolating and bored at home, and asked her fans what she should react to. Reading a comment about a Japanese cover of her TikTok viral song “Say So,” Doja Cat searched “Japanese Say So” on YouTube, and came across Raiynch’s cover. 

And, not only does it slap, but Doja Cat reacted to it in total mesmerising awe. With her mouth open, hand to face and eyes wide, she warned fans, “I might cry because I’m kinda lit.” 


Suffice to say, the clip below is adorable af. Watch her bop and vibe to it below.

“I’m shaking y’all, she’s so precious,” tweeted Raiynch after seeing Doja Cat’s reaction. “I’M CRYING– I can’t type properly [b]c[u]z I’m shaking right now omg. Me Mum thought I [was] crazy for jumping so suddenly.”

Doja Cat’s “Say So” is easily one of the best and most viral tunes of 2019. There’s a TikTok dance for it, slowed, reverb versions of it are used in fancams and the song just straight up slaps. And, while Raiynch usually covers songs already in Japanese, I’d live for her to cover other western pop songs, maybe uh, one of Frank Ocean’s new songs or Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

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