Zendaya Just Casually Revealed New ‘Euphoria’ Episodes Are Coming This Year

If, like me, you were devastated at the fact we won’t be getting Euphoria season two till late 2021-2022, then fear not! New Euphoria episodes are reportedly coming later this year!

Earlier this morning, our messiah Zendaya—who, as a matter of fact, is Meechee—revealed the news on Instagram.

“We really missed them,” she wrote. “Two special Euphoria episodes coming soon. First one December 6th on HBO.”

Interestingly, the photo features an extreme closeup of someone’s face with Zendaya’s character Rue in the reflection of their iris. Colour me curious, but it looks like the person in the photo is Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer. Adding to that, Schafer commented on Zendaya’s post with a blue love heart… suspicious… 

Per Variety, the first episode is called “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” and “will find Rue (Zendaya) in the aftermath of being left by Jules (Hunter Schafer) at the train station and relapsing. The episode, written and helmed by series creator Sam Levinson, follows Rue as she celebrates Christmas.” The following episode’s title, plot synopsis and date with be revealed at a later time.

Earlier this year, Zendaya, who made Emmy history, revealed that while the show’s second season was delayed till late 2021—thanks to old mate Miss Rona—Euphoria’s creator Sam Levinson and the cast and crew were filming a series of special episodes that would “bridge” the gap between seasons.

ICYMI, season one ended after Rue relapsed and hallucinated a dance performance, seemingly overdosing and ending up in hospital again. While we don’t know what exactly happened to her or the other characters, we’ll no doubt have an answer to some of them in the first bridge episode on the 6th of December. No word yet on whether these bridge episodes will address the U.S. Presidential election, police brutality or the global pandemic that’s significantly hit North America, but we would be surprised not to see them or the consequences of them referenced.

If you’re in Australia, you can catch HBO’s hit teen drama Euphoria on Binge. In a press release provided to us this morning, Binge confirmed that the Euphoria Christmas special will debut on the platform on Monday, the 7th of December. For now, we’ll be here rewatching the series in anticipation for more juicy and gritty content (and moody Jacob Elordi).

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