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Gen Z Said Be Your Own Therapist

Whether it’s remixing retro Champion pieces into new streetwear or starting their own whole-ass podcast to highlight marginalised voices, Gen Z isn’t shy of DIY. The latest galaxy brain shit that we’ve noticed? After their very successful foray into TikTok lawyer careers, Gen Z is sliding into the mental health field. TikTok’s most recent trend to pick up steam is Gen Z taking on (parodic) roles as therapists themselves.

Therapists and psychologists have been using TikTok to try and reach the youth for a minute. If you’re a semi-regular user you’ve probably seen already videos like the one below, often featuring mental health tips or little nuggets of advice about how to deal with anxiety or challenge negative thought traps. They’re often actually very helpful for reminding our idiot brains to calm the fuck down sometimes.

These next TikToks we’re about to watch, are not that.

Now, we could pontificate about the rise of mental health issues in the planet’s younger generations. ICYMI, two studies found that “normal children today report more anxiety than child psychiatric patients in the 1950’s.” We could draw connections between the Gen Z therapist TikTok trend and how this generation is probably the first to widely go to, talk about, and build regular therapy into their lives as a practice.

We could talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered many people’s mental health, exacerbating struggles with OCD, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. We could talk about the wry knowingness that therapy and wellness are approached with by users. TikTok Gen Z therapists will joke that they only heard about manifestation on Twitter, but easily deploy a meme acknowledging the strategy of cognitive behavioural therapy.

If you really wanted to, we could talk about the financial and geographical barriers that prevent some people from being able to access mental health services. Or how some people’s cultural background means you’re more likely to get a “snap out of it,” than an “okay, I hear you. Maybe we should get a mental health plan.”

But we’re not gonna do that today! Today we’re taking a leaf outta the Gen Z book and simply enjoy scrolling through these quality TikToks. Safe and comforted in the knowledge our mental health will be just as garbage (and ready to be properly addressed) when we’re done.

Gen Z Therapists On TikTok

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