Tavi Gevinson And All The Other Faces Joining The ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Cast

Picture it: it’s 2011, you’re in your bedroom, trawling through aesthetic Blogspots and Livejournal fashion communities. There’s a Tim Walker editorial blue-tacked to your wall and you have a bunch of i-D mags stacked on your bedside table. The gal of the moment? Pre-teen wonder blogger and unlikely fashion darling Tavi Gevinson.

In case you weren’t destroyed by the internet like we were, Gevinson was 11 years old when she first started her blog Style Rookie, and it didn’t take long before she was picked up by the New York Times, flown around the world for international fashion weeks and turning her O.G. blog into Rookie (no longer pubbing big RIP), an online fashion and pop culture mag by and for young people. 

Cut to now: it’s a wild case of life really going ham on imitating art. The hybrid literary-fashion IT girl, who originally hails from a suburban town west of Chicago, is going to be playing a gal about town in New York, in the cast of the HBO Max reboot of the CW’s drama-soap Gossip Girl.

A premiere date for the series is at this stage unknown, but we can only hope that salacious voiceover is coming back soon. 

The other members of the gossip girl reboot cast include a bunch of fresh faces, we’re intro-ing them below with absolutely off-base guesses about the type of characters they could be playing.

Meet the HBO Gossip Girl Reboot Cast:

Thomas Doherty

Can only assume Thomas Doherty will be playing Chuck Bass and Carter Baizen’s love child.

Emily Alyn Lind

Okay, so we actually know actress Emily Alyn Lind will be playing Audrey, who according to Deadline “has been in a long term relationship and is beginning to wonder what more could be out there.”

Zion Moreno

The sweet Texan-born gal is wearing a headband, sweater and tennis bracelet. Getting huge Blair vibes out here.

Adam Chanler Berat

A native NY-er and theatre veteran, we’re getting moody srs politics boy vibes from Adam’s IG. Socially aware Lonely Boy?

Whitney Peak

So, Whitney Peak has a background in competitive dancing (and has appeared in notable shows like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and iZombie). Here’s hoping she’s some kinda street-wear dance-bae for a Gossip Girl x Step Up vibe.

Eli Brown

Soon-to-be ya boy Eli Brown is a singer-songwriter. Preparing for a musical episode.

Jason Gotay

New Yorker and also Broadway (!!) alumni Jason Gotay has also joined the cast. We know there’s going to be more focus on LGBTQIA+ and POC narratives in this reboot, and we’re liking that there are queer actors in the cast to appropriately play ’em.

Johnathan Fernandez

Look, if you’re just going off this IG, all you can really tell about comedy mans Johnathan Fernandez is that he has abs and drives racecars occasionally. And honestly, for a show as deeply complex as Gossip Girl, that’s probably enough.

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