Don’t Worry, Grimes’ Nickname For Her Child Totally Won’t Get Them Bullied At School

Grimes and Elon Musk‘s journey into parenthood was always going to be an unconventional one. From the infamous name that turned their child into a viral Twitter meme—X Æ A-12 in case you somehow missed it—to Musk’s apparent misgendering of his own child, the road so far hasn’t been smooth. After it came to light that they might not even be able to go with their baby name because of California’s naming laws, there was a flicker of hope that maybe the eccentric art-girl and the billionaire would pick something a little more chill to call their firstborn.

Unfortunately, the name remains, just slightly augmented. To comply with the “no numerals” rule, Musk and Grimes amended their baby’s name to X Æ A-Xii. Now though, Grimes has revealed that the nickname she’s been using for her new baby is “Little X.” This is… kind of better? We think? If you can look past the experimental genetic research vibes of giving your child a single initial for a name.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Grimes has been busy since the birth of Little X. The singer is returning to her roots as a visual artist and debuting a show with simultaneous online exhibitions. “I made art 10, 12 years before I ever touched a keyboard,” she explained to Bloomberg. “I see myself as a visual artist first and foremost, and I’ve always felt strange that people know me for music.”

The main piece of work that’s garnered almost as much attention as her creative naming is titled Selling Out, and is a legal document which grants a buyer a percentage of Grimes’s soul. As if this year wasn’t absurd enough already. When she began to work on the concept for Selling Out, Grimes initially wanted to price it high enough that her soul didn’t sell, but the coronavirus pandemic and impending recession caused her to reconsider her approach. “With the current state of the world, do you want to put something up for $10 million?” she mused, ultimately leaving the asking price of Selling Out up to the “best offer.”

Well, we guess making art and staying creative is one way to keep grounded during isolation.

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