Grimes & Elon Musk Just Welcomed Their First Child Into The Universe

Sooo, it happened. It finally fucking happened. Miss Anthropocene Grimes & Elon ‘Tesla’ Musk had their baby. Shutdown all those rumours that Grimes’s alleged pregnancy was fake and just a bizarre ad for her new album. It’s real and the baby is now out there in the universe. 

Srsly, he or she or they are literally out there right now on this planet we call Earth and in our cursed lord 2020 just straight up vibing. Or crying. Idk what babies “do” exactly besides eat, sleep and poop.

Y’all, may I present to you, lil baby Influenza.

I Repeat: Grimes & Elon Musk Just Had A Baby

Grimes & Elon Musk had both been pretty quiet about their incoming first child together. 

In fact, it wasn’t an actual post that confirmed the news but rather, a reply to Musk in a Tweet calling out the legitimacy of a report on one of his Tesla products (lol). 

“News on baby?” asked Twitter user Gaelic_Nelson.

“Mom & Baby are all good,” Musk said.

Not much is known about the baby or where they were born and how Grimes is except that, as of two hours ago, Little Grimes-Musk was set out into the world.

On this day, 5th of May 2020, we witnessed Ariana Grande’s newest tattoo, and the birth of the future alien x human race. Perhaps the Pentagon knew this was coming. 

Quick question: where was future godmother Azealia Banks in all of this?

Here’s What People Think Grimes’s & Elon Musk’s Baby Looks Like

Contrary to Twitter, the baby’s name isn’t *really* Influenza.

As of writing, we don’t know what Grimes & Elon Musk’s baby’s real name is (Influenza was just a name created and spread through internet rumours and memes). Even more significant to the future of the world, we don’t know whether the child has untapped psychic powers or cyber goth fashion or Grimes’ singing skills in their DNA, or, even, whether they’ll rule a future space empire. 

We’ll have to wait the next 18 years to see how that all unfolds. But, until then, congrats to Grimes & Musk on their first child, a sentence I did not expect to write today. 

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