Harry Styles Goes Absolutely, Deliciously Horny On Main In The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Music Video

Did you wake up this morning thinking that your Tuesday lacked a little… je ne se quois? Perhaps a little ’70s-inspired horniness on absolute main? Dare we say, with your mans Harry Styles?

Mr Stylesโ€”battling out the likes of Bad Bunny and Doja Cat for the title of Horniest Fucking Musician Aliveโ€”has released the music video for his bop “Watermelon Sugar” and the crowd has gone wild.

In the three-minute video, which is “dedicated to touching” (his words, not ours), Styles is seen frolicking on a beach, along with a host of other very beautiful people. Dressed in ’70s looks (think: crochet bikinis, knit vests, polos and enough OTT sunglasses to make Sir Elton John proud), Styles and co. run along the sand, lounge in the sun and trade kisses.

And, yes, extremely un-subtle fingering, touching and eating of fruit is involved. Watch it for yourself below:

Before, we move onto the main event, can we pls just take a moment to appreciate These Looks?

Imagine being this stylish and also obliterating so many gender roles at the same time.

Anyway. Given the horny nature of the clip, the reactions to it have been… well. Less than subtle? A little obvious? All of the above?

We see, y’all.

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