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The Trailer For Kristen Stewart’s Gay Christmas Rom-Com Is Here

The trailer for Kristen Stewart’s gay Christmas rom-com Happiest Season is here and it looks so good. From the first glimpses of Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in the new trailer, we’re getting self-aware, tender, heartwarming vibes. There’s also a really healthy sprinkling of Dan Levy, of Schitt’s Creek. Is it too early to give this one five stars, just for the joy of watching Levy pretend to be Stewart’s character’s heterosexual ex-boyfriend?

Happiest Season features Stewart and Davis, respectively, as the couple Abby and Harper. The crux of Happiest Season‘s drama is that Abby wants to propose to Harper, but Abby is yet to come out to her conservative parents. The mastermind behind Happiest Season is Veep actress Clea DuVall, who directed the film and co-wrote the script with her fellow Veep castmate Mary Holland (who also stars in it). Joining Steward and Davis to round out this incredible cast are Dan Levy, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber. As if it wasn’t up our alley enough already…

As expected, Twitter is pleased. Especially with this extremely cute height difference.

The woman we’ll eternally simp for and the gal who broke our hearts in Black Mirror‘s “San Junipero” episode in a gay Christmas rom-com? What a treat. And we mean properly gay, btw. Not gay that’s been shoved into one-dimensional side characters who inexplicably kiss when the main straight couple’s storyline is wrapped up.

You know how we’ve mentioned that keeping a folder of pictures of friends, family and good memories can help provide a little mood boost you when you’re feeling low? Well, we were wrong. We can all go ahead and delete said folders. These pictures, via People, of Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in Happiest Season, are the only things our eyeballs need to produce some much-needed serotonin anymore.


“I’m a huge fan of Christmas movies, but I had never seen my story represented,” DuVall explained. Stewart agreed, saying, “I think I’ve wished to see a gay Christmas rom-com my whole life.” She’s right and she should say it.

Please note all the important holiday movie touchstones from these promo pics released earlier in the year. Ice-skating, the large family all with improbably perfect teeth, and of course adoring glances and sweet moments with Stewart and Davis. Perhaps the best one though is the shiny cast photo, which again features Davis lovingly wrapping her arms around Stewart while standing behind her. (Our hearts!!!!)


Gay Christmas has come early this year.

Happiest Season’s release date is set for the 26th of November, 2020.

Via Kristen Stewart Gallery.

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