A BLACKPINK Comeback Is Confirmed, So Cancel All Your Plans Because June Is For BLACKPINK

Oooooh, it’s a great day for the BLACKPINK fandom. After over a year of hiatus, it’s finally been confirmed that BLACKPINK is coming back!

In a report from Soopmi, YG Entertainment confirmed, “BLACKPINK is scheduled to make a June comeback. Once the exact date has been finalized, we will officially share the news with fans first. Thank you.”

Between Lisa’s legs being splashed all over the internet and a collaboration confirmed with none other than Lady Gaga, the long-suffering fandom finally gets some decent rain during the long drought of content. Here’s what else we know about the upcoming feature.

Lada Gaga, aka Mother Monster, aka the legend who raised $127 million dollars for a COVID-19 relief fund, has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album Chromatica and it features some huge names. The 16 track album features collaborations with k-pop royalty BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande and even a tune with Elton John.

Truly something for everyone, or at least something for the old and nu!school gays.

As well as Lady Gaga acolytes, who’ve had to deal with the postponement of Chromatica‘s release due to the pandemic, it’s huge news for Blinks—the affectionate term for BLACKPINK fans. The BLACKPINK fandom has been gagging for a comeback for over a year. It’s an extremely long time to wait in the world of k-pop, which usually cycles releases with a frequency that would give Western artists whiplash.

Despite being one of the biggest girl groups in the industry at the moment—they showcased their Billboard Top 25 album “Kill This Love” at Coachella in 2019—the band’s label has been remarkably quiet on when fans can expect a proper comeback. Indeed, since their debut and despite their massive popularity, Blinks have made do with less than 20 songs across BLACKPINK’s entire discography.

The confirmation of their appearance on one of the most anticipated releases of the year has been warmly received by the BLACKPINK fandom, even if it was forced prematurely. The rumours first started swirling when fans found what looked like the album on the Target website for preorder—unblurred tracklisting in its full glory. A few hours later, Gaga confirmed it herself, posting the listing on her official Instagram and Twitter.

FYI, this isn’t the first time Lady Gaga’s had to deal with a Chromatica leak. Earlier this month, the album art found its way on the internet before the Star Is Born icon even shared it. The album art Gaga shared after that leak had the tracks carefully blurred out, but when a Target employee goes rogue what can ya do?

Ariana Grande Fans have something to look forward to too, with the singer appearing in the Chromatica song, “Rain On Me.” While there’s been no ~official~ new music since Ari’s collab with Lizzo on a reworked “Good As Hell,” Grande stans have been keeping busy. Namely, in the grassroots movement to cast Ariana Grande as Meg, in a live-action remake of Disney’s Hercules.

You can see the full tracklisting for Chromatica below, and if you’re looking for something to shove into your Airpods until then, please enjoy our carefully curated Virus Vibes Spotify playlist, new Frank Ocean tracks and our fav Rina Sawayama’s new album.

Chromatica tracklisting

  1. “Chromatica I”
  2. “Alice”
  3. “Stupid Love”
  4. “Rain on Me” (with Ariana Grande)
  5. “Free Woman”
  6. “Fun Tonight”
  7. “Chromatica II”
  8. “911”
  9. “Plastic Doll”
  10. “Sour Candy” (with Blackpink)
  11. “Enigma”
  12. “Replay”
  13. “Chromatica III”
  14. “Sine from Above” (with Elton John)
  15. “1000 Doves”
  16. “Babylon”

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