Lizzo Says Her TikToks Were Body Shamed, And All I’m Asking Is For Y’all To Leave My Queen Alone

UPDATE: According to Page Six, TikTok has re-uploaded Lizzo’s video, admitting that they originally removed the video because they thought the U.S. singer was only wearing underwear.

Fact: Grammy Award-winning pop star, body positivity advocate and Australian bushfire relief hero Lizzo is an absolute queen. 

Never afraid of showing her body and wearing whatever tf she wants, her messaging is loud, bombastically self-loving and welcoming, and why we love her so much. She frequently posts videos of her in bathing suits, bras and risque clothes and empowers us, but it seems, TikTok may not be having it.


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In a recent TikTok that’s now been viewed over 8 million times, Lizzo called out the company —on TikTok itself, which, bold move imo—for removing videos of her in bikinis and revealing clothing when other videos of skinnier women in as little (or even less) clothing weren’t.

“TikTok keeps taking down my videos of me in my bathing suits… but allows other videos of girls in bathing suits,” she writes in the video as she mouths the words to “I know,” a trend that has TikTok users stating an obvious fact to the music. “I wonder why? TikTok… We need to talk.”

Fellow PoC plus-sized queens, like TikTok dancer Joanne Lopes, reached out to Lizzo and shared similar experiences.

“IT happens to me too,” Lopes confessed. “CURVY GIRL PROBLEMS…”


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At the same time, fans swooped in to support our queen and mention Charli D’Amelio, one of TikTok’s most famous users with 23 million followers, as an example of the double standard. 



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TikTok has yet to comment on Lizzo’s callout. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of videos of Lizzo being 100% that bitch and being proud of her body, reminding us time and time again that we would die for her.


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