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The ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Cast Is Stacked With Queens

Has there been a void in anyone else’s heart since Harry Potter and The Hunger Games ended? Yes, rewatch culture is alive and well in the time of coronavirus, but sometimes you just want a new series to get absolutely lost in. Welp, if you’ve finished binging and cranking your way through Normal People and you’re nearly done with the mysteries in Outer Banks, may we suggest Motherland: Fort Salem?

The show is a new series from Freeform and it’s giving us major ‘Katniss Everdeen and Harry Potter go on an American road trip in the Supernatural universe’ vibes. Which is, admittedly, a very specific vibe. Despite the niche, Motherland: Fort Salem is already making waves. Favourite ships are forming, people are praising the show’s incredible aesthetics and the performances of the cast are tearing people’s hearts to shreds. Just the way we like our TV.

The show follows a group of young witches who are enlisted into the U.S. Army—because uhhh…. I guess not even fictional witch gals are safe from the U.S. military-industrial complex, lol. In this universe, the Salem Witch Trials led to a peace treaty and witches and non-witches live side by side. It’s not a peaceful utopia styles world tho, witches end up using their powers in combat, fighting for various governments.

Putting aside the gentle nationalistic overtones, we get to watch hectic boot camp scenes—I fucking love a training montage—the coming of age of the three main characters (Raelle Collar, Abigail Bellweather, and Tally Craven) and their eventual showdown with a so-called terrorist group “The Spree”. Fans are also extremely here for the LGBTQI+ visibility in the show, but we don’t wanna spoil too much.

We’ve got the low down on what you need to know about the Motherland: Fort Salem cast and (v important) who these witchy honeys are dating.

Introducing The ‘Motherland: Fort Salem Cast’ and who they’re dating

Taylor Hickson as Raelle Colla

Comic book fans might recognise Taylor Hickson from her role in the much loved Deadpool. The Canadian actress says the film changed her life and really ignited her desire to make acting her life. As well as acting, Hickson’s also a multi-talent singer-songwriter.

While Hickson is not attached officially to anyone right now, fans are pretty big fans of her and actor Liam James. James is another Canadian actor who’s had a bunch of TV roles, most recently Deadly Class. The are incredibly cute… romantic or platonic.

Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather

Ashley Nicole Williams has a few film credits to her name but is a relative newcomer. The 21-year-old plays the witch Abigail in the vein of the Strong Female Lead: in control of who she is and what she wants. While her character is open and in control of her own sexuality, Williams isn’t too different.

The actress appears in some incredibly “Hot Girl Summer” looks on her IG that Megan Thee Stallion herself would be pretty chuffed with. As for William’s IRL partner? Homegirl appears unattached to anyone officially, but that’s not stopping her stanning her own Motherland: Fort Salem ship.

Jessica Sutton as Tally Craven

Rounding out the main trio of witches is Jessica Laura Sutton as Tally Craven. She’s ostensibly the water sign of the group, who actually came from a community of conscientious objectors. Sutton has described Tally as “the truest believer in the cause and in the sisterhood and this unity and just basically everything that Fort Salem stands for, and she’s the heart.”

As for where Sutton’s heart lies? She’s linked to a long time (seven years!) boyfriend: Stephen Howard-Tripp, a freelance concept artist and illustrator. The pair were even celebrating Christmas together a couple of years back: it’s all very cute.

Amalia Holm Bjelke as Scylla

Oooo, we like a love interest whose a visual opposite to our hero don’t we? Amalia Holm Bjelke plays Scylla in Motherland: Fort Salem, she’s a quick-witted charmer who has an air of mystery about her. Some fans are speculating that she could be linked to The Spree, but we’ll have to do the agonising wait to find out as the series releases.

The Swedish-Norwegian actress hasn’t officially been linked to a boyfriend/girlfriend and she hasn’t shared much about her dating life on Instagram. Except for this one tiny tidbit below, which could also just be Sandi-humour that’s going right over my head.

Sarah Yarkin as Libba Swythe

Wow. All it took was a scroll through Sarah Yarkin’s IG for us to get a total gal crush on her? Those eyebrows, the hair, the ongoing series of her posing with license plates, what a woman. Homegirl has appeared on Single Parents and has a couple of horror and thriller films under her belt: playing the ruthless and physically formidable Libba comes naturally to her.

She’s not officially dating anyone, because clearly nobody is cool enough.

Kai Bradbury as Gerit Buttonwood

A BOY! In a blessedly lady-heavy show, Kai Bradbury plays one of the few main dudes who appear in the world of Motherland: Fort Salem. He’s actually been in a bunch of big-name shows, including Supernatural, Altered Carbon, The Man In The High Castle, and The Boys.

While the Canadian actor is not officially dating anyone, he a massive fan of his onscreen romance: “Being given this opportunity as an actor of part-Asian descent was so important to me as it’s fairly uncommon to see us as the object of desire in media,” the actor told MEAWW.

You can watch Motherland: Fort Salem on Foxtel in Australia.

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