Who Is The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Blood & Water’ Dating?

Okay so, if like me you’re on the hunt for a new teen drama that delivers on juicy mystery, high school romance and superstitions, please watch Netflix’s Blood & Water. Or, as some people are calling it online, the South African Elite meets Gossip Girl.

Based on a true story and a Netflix African original, Blood & Water follows Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata), a Cape Town teen who, after bumping into a girl from her school’s swimming team, investigates into the mystery behind her baby sister who was kidnapped at birth, believing that the girl she met might be her long lost sibling. 

Now, idk about you but just from that premise alone and the teaser trailer, it sounds and looks absolutely wild. 

The show releases on the 20th of May and, if you’ve watched it, you’re probably just as hooked as I am about it and its gorgeous cast. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Netflix’s Blood & Water and who they’re dating. 

Dw, here at Syrup, we try to uncover the real questions. 

Ama Qamata

Ama Qamata plays Puleng Khumalo, the show’s lead and the girl on a mission to find her missing baby sister. While in the show she’s dedicated her life to uncovering the mystery behind her sibling’s kidnapping, Qamata’s instagram is nothing short of iconic.

I mean, just look at this photo of her sunset-kissed fit: a (hopefully faux) snakeskin pair of paints, black crop top and matching shiny bracelet and hoop earrings. 

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African sunset >>>>

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And this ruched floral mini-dress and white sunnies, handbag and heels combo that’s giving me mega Sharpay Evans from High School Musical vibes. 

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It’s hard to say who Qamata is dating rn but we did catch this cute pic of her and her castmate Thabang Mobala in “totally not planned” matching black and white casual fits, and, ngl, we kinda love it. 

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I swear this was totally unplanned☝🏾

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Khosi Ngema

Khosi Ngema plays Fikile Bhele, the star athlete on the school’s swimming team and the girl that Puleng suspects might be her long lost sister. 

While the trailer for the show describes her as a mysterious figure, Ngema is a big fan of embracing her inner beauty and her natural curls (and we honestly love to see it).

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How’re you doin today?💋

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ngema has reminded us all to stay at home and value ourselves as our own company. Oh, and looking flawlessly while doing it apparently?

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Hope you’re enjoying your own company❤️

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According to a post from September 2019, Ngema has been dating a boy named Jean-Luc for two years and, based on the adorable Insta pics of the two, they’ve been super cute and lovey-dovey ever since they first met. 

In the post, she writes, “sweetest Jean-Luc, in just two years, you have taught me what it means to love someone with your entire being. It’s overwhelming sometimes how you continuously make an effort to show me how much you love me. It’s crazy.”

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Hey, partner💘

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Thabang Molaba

Thabang Molaba plays Karabo ‘KB’ Molapo, one of Puleng’s classmates and, from the looks of it, a total smiley goofball.

Outside of the show, Molaba is a singer and songwriter under the musical alias Kale Deniro and downright absolute cutie and insta dream boyfriend. 

I mean… 

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Call me an ambulance because I was not ready. 

FYI, here’s a link to some of his music. 

Again, while there’s no clear evidence on his Insta that Molaba is dating anyone in or outside of the cast, there is that one cute pic of him and Ama Qamata in matching clothes which we’re still dying over.

Gail Mabalane

In Blood & Water, Gail Mabalane plays Puleng’s mum, Thandeka Khumalo. And, with an Instagram boasting over 1million followers and a baby of her own, she’s a total queen.

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God is still in control. 😊💚

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Even if some of her posts radiate extreme mum energy,

On 7th of February this year, Mabalane celebrated seven years with her husband and father of her children Kabelo Mabalane. 

Greteli Fincham

Greteli Fincham plays Reece Vans Rensburg, the blonde-haired South African school girl by day, goth party e-girl by night.

Her insta, on the other hand, is super soft, about the people around her and homey.

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My moskombersie.

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Here she is making what looks like a blueberry cheesecake.

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Ek gaan hier uit rol.

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Sketching a portrait.

And playing tennis.

We won’t lie, her entire instagram is in Afrikaans so we can’t tell whether she’s dating any of the guys, girls or potential non binary honeys in her photos. 

Arno Greeff

Arno Greef stars as what looks like Blood & Water’s quintessential jock, Chris Ackerman, who hosts the party where Puleng first meets Fikile. 

Outside of the show however, Greef has a video series called Young Gents Living with Blood & Water co-star and my new internet crush Thabang Molaba. And, judging from the cast photos, they have a great bromance on and off the show. 

And, he really loves his ring light.

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In April, Greeff celebrated a one month anniversary with his current girlfriend and blogger Iluska Nagy.

The six-episode-long first season of Netflix’s Blood & Water releases on Netflix on the 20th of May. Until then, why not froth over the cast of Netflix’s other greats, The Outer Banks, Never Have I Ever and The Half Of It.

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