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Liam Payne Says Zayn Probs Won’t Be Coming Back For A One Direction Reunion :(

Low key, Liam Payne LOVES a chat with a tabloid and a revealing IG live, doesn’t he? I can only imagine how frustrating this would be for the other former members of boy-band juggernaut One Direction. You’re just tryna live your life, write your music in iso, do puzzles, make copious amounts of banana bread—next minute your ex-bandmate is running his mouth about a potential One Direction ten year anniversary event.

In a previous interview with The Sun, Payne revealed that he and the other One Direction alumni were speaking about a potential reunion. The band’s ten year anniversary is coming up and a bunch of telling things have the One Direction fandom stirring—though they never really went to sleep. Their old website is back up, the boy’s albums are on Apple Music again and all of the members (and the official 1D account) are now following Zayn Malik on Twitter. Incredible that we live in a timeline where a Twitter follow/unfollow is news, the simulation is bonkers but we digress.

In an Instagram live with the DJ Alesso, who Payne collaborated with for his recent track “Midnight,” he let slip a few new details. He’s been in “constant contact” with former members, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, but uhhh… didn’t mention Zayn Malik. He told Alesso, “We’ve been trying to arrange the first group FaceTime at the moment.” Before adding, “You can come and fill in for Zayn. Join the band.”

Ummmm. We have no significant beef with Alesso, but these men are not the same. Sadly, it does seem like a reappearance from Malik is going in the wishful-but-misguided bin. Malik was the first member to leave the band back in 2015, and in subsequent interviews hasn’t had the most positive things to say about his experience and the circumstances of his leaving.

Zyan Malik / Alesso.

Payne also mentioned that he copped some flack for running his mouth, referring to that previous interview. “I can’t say too much. Louis told me off for revealing a bit about our plans the other day. So I had a group telling off on the group chat.”

Of course, there’s no technical moratorium on sharing sneak peeks about what you and your pals are up to. Everyone and their dog is jumping on Instagram Live to stay connected and in touch while we’re social distancing. Some of them have even been rather helpful, like the Wanna Talk About It? series with Netflix stars chatting mental health. It seems the rules are a little different when you’re as famous as the 1D boys.

Perhaps, until we can get some concrete confirmations, Payne should stick to cute storybook time instead.

Payne reads The Lion Inside for the #SaveWithStories Instagram storybook reading initiative by @SaveTheChildren.

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