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Which Character Are You *Really*? You Can’t Cheat This Statistical Online Personality Quiz

It was inevitable. At some point during the dark night of isolation that stretches before us, we were always going to regress as humans and turn back to the satisfying but meaningless entertainment fodder that is the online personality quiz. This quiz though, this one is different.

The Statistical ‘Which Character’ Personality Quiz from the Open-Source Psychometrics Project is a step above from your run-of-the-mill “Which Character Are You?” offerings, and there’s already been some ~discourse~ on Twitter about the results quiz-takers are getting (ranging from extremely pleased to extremely upset).

In a brief introduction before the quiz, the creator shares a third-person anecdote about what usually happened when he explained to people he created online personality quizzes: “People would usually ask him if he meant that he worked at BuzzFeed on their “Which character are you?” personality quizzes. And he would have to explain that he did not and had never been very interested in that style of test. These quizzes are very fun, as evidenced by their extreme popularity. But they are not that meaningful, two people who get the same result on a typical example of these tests don’t necessarily have much more in common than two randomly paired individuals.”

The quiz is actually less of a traditional online personality quiz, despite how familiar the mechanisms for taking it are. The creator argues that fictional characters don’t actually have personalities, but they are perceived to by humans. Essentially, this quiz matches you against the average personality that a character has been ranked to have by other test takers and volunteers. Think of it as a *slightly* more scientific online personality quiz.

In 28 questions—that’s the recommended length you take, but there is a longer version—we’re asked to rank on a sliding scale where we fall between two opposing characteristics, for example “dominant” and “submissive” or “physical” and “intellectual”, with the option to leave it 50/50 if you’re entirely in the middle. You can finish there, or take an optional extra step of reviewing characters from a book/TV show/movie universe that you’re familiar with, which also leads to some amusing isolation ponderings.

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Just how beta is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Hawkeye? Based on the absolute facts that Jeremy Renner has big beta energy (he was trolled out of his own cringe-y fan app and has requested to pay less in child support due to coronavirus impacting his income), we’re gonna have to slide the scale aaaall the way to right. The character’s energy and portrayal simply can’t come back from that kind of beta-actor foundation.

When you’ve finished taking the quiz, you get a ranking of 500+ characters and how closely you align with them, based on how their personality was ranked by other people who’ve taken the survey. And no, I’ve checked, rinse and repeating has given me the same answer three times so I guess we’re all exactly who this test says we are. 

Whether you’re amused, pleased or aggrieved by your results, feel free to commiserate with us on Twitter, or weigh in on how kinky you think Zuko’s daddy is. 

And after all that hard work on this fine Monday, it’s time to get back to the other nostalgic internet pastimes we enjoyed as kids. Club Penguin that means you. 

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