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Praise Zeus, A ‘Percy Jackson’ TV Show Is Coming To Disney Plus

The gods are truly smiling on us today, because it’s just been confirmed a Percy Jackson TV show is in the works with Disney Plus.

The Percy Jackson TV show news was blessedly released to an unsuspecting fan base by the book’s author Rick Riordan on Twitter. In a video alongside his wife Becky (hold the jokes this one time, okay?) Riordan says “after a lot of hard work and a lot of support from you guys, Percy Jackson is coming to Disney Plus.” They high five, it’s real cute, and the internet goes wild.

Percy Jackson is the main pre-teen hero of the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. From the mid to late 2000s pretty much everyone’s reading comprised of a series of books that are loosely based Greek mythology. Truly, it’s no wonder we all turned out so cool. Percy is the son of a human mother and the Greek god Poseidon, and the series follows his adventures as he fights evil while learning to control his burgeoning demi-god powers. Just regular teenage things.

The series was later adapted into two films, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters both of which starred a young Logan Lerman. While the movies were pretty mildly reviewed, the films collectively grossed over $426 million worldwide.

Riordan’s announcement has sparked a rumbling from one of the internet’s most loyal fandoms. Like a Kraken from the deep, if you will.

The Percy Jackson TV show cast

There’s no word yet on whether anyone from the original films will be joining the Percy Jackson TV show, though some fans are already clamouring for a Lerman cameo. Many fans felt that while Lerman did a gr8 Percy, the script was regrettably, just a bit shit. Some are saying he should actually come back as his dad, Poseidon, or as Luke Castellan.

Because the entirety of Twitter wants to live on Oscar Isaac’s dick, there’s been a bunch of calls for him to embody one of the panthenon of Greek gods in the series. More so than he does already does naturally in his real life.

And of course, the requisite Timothรฉe Chalamet stans continue to push for his cause.

There is, of course, no reason that Percy needs to be played by a malnourished looking yt actor, and many recent shows have adopted the practice of colourblind, or colour conscious casting. Shows like The Great, which is literally set in 18th century Russia, have included a bunch of BIPOC in their cast.

In terms of what we can expect, details are still pretty hazy. Riordan has published a follow-up statement on Twitter that suggests the series will be following the original storyline. “We canโ€™t say much more at this stage but we are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original Percy Jackson five-book series, starting with The Lightning Thief in season one. Rest assured that Becky & I will be involved in person in every aspect of the show.”

Perhaps fives seasons to match the five books can be expected? In any case, we’re enjoying the reactions to the Percy Jackson show announcement. Here’s hoping this lovely fandom gets what they’ve been waiting for.

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