Catch These 9 Must-Watch Queer Films At The Queer Screen Film Festival Bc Cinemas Are Still Cancelled

Hello, LGBTQIA+ community~. The Queer Screen Film Festival begins this week and, naturally, things are a little different this year. The festival, which has previously given us Merlin star Colin Morgan as a soft Irish gay actor pining over an indie folk singer in Benjamin and a preview screening of Love, Simon, is going digital babyyy.

First, the film festival is offering all of this year’s short films—gay, lesbian and trans and everyone in between—for free to stream on demand (can I get a hawyehhh). It costs zero dollars to stream four and a half hours worth of queer short films. 

And, outside of those free short films, there’s still plenty of great queer films available to watch and that, thanks to it being online this year, are available to anyone around the country. 

So, without further adieu, for $12 a ticket (or $10 if you’re a member), these are some of the films we recc you should checkout during 2020’s Queer Screen Film Festival (from 7PM on the 17th September till 11:59PM on the 27th September).

P.S.A. Some of these films are classified 18+ and should be viewed with a parental guardian’s permission.

Breaking Fast

Breaking Fast is a romantic-comedy about Mo, a gay Muslim man in Western Hollywood who is in touch with his faith and sexuality and lovingly embraced by his family. After coming out of a long-term relationship, Mo meets Kal, a handsome actor, who steals his breath away. That is, before Mo enters Ramadan and must learn to balance his new feelings with the vows of abstinence this sacred month requires. 

Ahead of the Curve

“We did not see ourselves represented in any mainstream way.”

Ahead of the Curve is a documentary film about the birth and history of the iconic lesbian magazine, Curve, and the personal story of its founder, Franco Stevens.

Gossamer Folds

Gossamer Folds is a drama set in the 1980s about a young boy named Tate who moves into a new neighbourhood, next door to a Black trans woman named Gossamer (played by actual Black trans woman and Empire star Alexandra Grey). As Tate’s family begins to fall apart, he turns to Gossamer in what will undoubtedly be an emotional coming of age story that will make me ugly cry. 

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is a colourful, camp, club-kid-inspired, acid-tripping adventure about Trinity, a queer dominatrix who borrows a housemate’s spiritual cleansing spray, inhales it, and sees dead people. And yes, it’s just about as visually banal as it sounds. 


Proud (Fiertés) is a raw and emotional three-part-mini-series turned French film from the director of Fatima. The film follows Victor and Serge, a gay couple from three stages of their lives: as teenagers in love, as adults wanting a child and in their 40s. It also features a cameo from Sex Education star Sami Outalbali.

Song Lang

Song Lang is a striking and well shot romantic-drama from Vietnam about the unlikely blossoming friendship between a gangster and opera singer. As the film carries on, the pair’s relationship begins to mirror the story behind the Cai Luong play, a contemporary form of traditional Vietnamese opera.

Stage Mother

Stage Mother is a comedy-drama about Maybelline, a conservative Texan woman who discovers she’s now the owner of a prolific drag bar in San Francisco after her estranged son passes away. Through learning about the ins and outs of the gay bar, via a one miss Lucy Liu, Maybeline reconciles her relationship with her deceased son and takes on the role of the club’s stage mum. 


Cocoon is a German coming of age film about Nora, a 14 year old girl on a journey of queer self discovery, identity, teenage angst and more on one fateful romantic summer break from school.

Moonlit Winter

Moonlit Winter is a Korean romantic-comedy about a young girl’s journey to find the woman her mother loved, after reading a letter sent to her from a woman called “Jun.”

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