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Not Twitter Roasting Robert Pattinson’s Batman

If you’ve been watching DC Films and Warner Bros. flail around with their most beloved comic book IPs for more than fifteen years, you’re not alone.

Sure we’ve had some great times: Michelle Pfieffer’s iconic Catwoman, the Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger moment, the waterfall of tears from internet misogynists at the Birds Of Prey films. But we’ve also had some utter hot garbage. Zack Snyder, we are looking at you. And today, we’re looking at this trailer for The Batman, which gives us our first reveal of Robert Pattinson as Gotham city’s most absurd form of crime prevention.

As is the way with ~gritty~ superhero films, the colour-grading already looks frustratingly dark. Our glimpses of RBattz are brief and dimly lit, but we can observe the requisite bat suit, sad face and gravelly (hoarse? poorly disguised? why do batmen do this 🥺) voice.

The bat suit is meant to look pretty rough and ready btw, according to director Matt Reeves. “[I’m telling] a version of Batman that isn’t about how he became Batman but about the early days of being Batman. He’s not perfect,” the director explained at the DC FanDome panel. Batman demonstrates his pretty blunt approach to justice by pummelling an inconsequential goon while all suited up.

The trailer also gives us a little peek at (queen) Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner James Gordon, John Turturro as mob boss Carmine Falcone, and Colin Farrell’s The Penguin.

While there is obviously a lot of Opinion Sharing with any new edition of a beloved pop-culture touchstone, it’s the case of the sads that Pattinson’s iteration of Batman has that appears to be causing the funniest stir online.

We’re not gonna lie, it’s not as good as the reactions to Robert Pattinson’s Pastagate earlier this year, but it’s still pretty good. Watch the trailer above and enjoy the tweets below, you filthy animals.

The Batman starring old mate Robert Pattinson is set to start filming again in early September and is scheduled for release on October 1, 2021. 

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