Robert Pattinson reprises his vampire role with a cameo in HAIM's new live performance of 3am

RPattz Reprises His Role As An Emotional Vampire

Robert Pattinson has seen the Twilight renaissance of 2020, and he has decided that it is Good. In a move that has convinced us that he’s a weird but relatively stand-up bloke, Pattinson has reprised his iconic early YA fantasy role. In a new performance from HAIM on Late Night With Seth Myers, Pattinson has a brief but excellent cameo as an “emotional vampire” before the trio launches into their song “3 A.M.”

For the spooky edition of their song “3 A.M.,” HAIM are dressed in retro wedding dresses that wouldn’t look out of place in Corpse Bride. The gals field an unwanted early morning (hence the song title) call from a contact labelled “Emotional Vampire.” When they decline the call, it’s revealed that none other than Edward Cullen is on the line.

Pattinson drawls out the opening lines of the song, “Hey, uh, what’s up? Just calling to see if you’re still up but straight to voicemail, uh, yeah, no biggie.” At one point, the camera flips upside down because of the auto-rotation feature. Honestly, give the man an award for that realistic cinematography. “If you’re up or whatever, just, just hit me up,” he finishes, before inevitably hanging up and calling his backup Bella.

The on-the-nose cameo is a pretty perfect use of Pattinson’s cultural associations, and it’s hard to imagine someone else getting it so right. “We needed someone to do this cameo who had game,” shared Este Haim. She revealed that the band also reached out to Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch. “In the end, it was Robert Pattinson,” she explained, “He’s the best. He’s like—we love him. He really did us a solid by doing this.” Whatta guy. What a pasta-making, emo-Batman, stand-up guy. You can watch HAIM’s performance and Pattinson’s cameo below.

Lead image via Getty: Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

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