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Hey Zendaya & Florence Pugh Stans, You Can Buy Your Fave’s Famous Costumes

Stan culture is an interesting thing. Between asking to be choked out, to creating world-wide trending One Direction hashtag concerts, to obsessively collecting memorabilia people do a lot for the ones they love. And Zendaya fans? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to wrap yourself in the exact oversize hoodie that she wears as Rue in HBO’s Euphoria, now is your time. The Rue hoodie is currently in a charity auction coordinated by the production company A24.

Yes, this is the oversized maroon Rue hoodie, that queen Zendaya herself sports throughout the show. Give the hoodie’s emotional significance to Rue—it belonged to her late father—and how frequently Zendaya is wearing it throughout the first season, this is a truly special collectible from the show.

The A24 charity fundraiser, sweetly dubbed the A24 Attic Auction, also features a number of other items from the arty production company’s past work. Film-hoes with cash to splash can bid on Stevie’s skateboard from Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s, Annie and Charles’ personalised doormats from the incredibly creepy Hereditary and the time capsule and pool goggles from Eighth Grade.

We had a look in our collective coin purses here at Syrup, but uhhh sadly the current bid on Rue’s hoodie is a little beyond us. Some absolute legend—or perhaps a savvy investor banking on Zendaya’s career—has bid a whopping SIX THOUSAND dollars for it.

We’re into being comfy and are debating some tie-dye hoodie purchases… but we could buy a lot of amibo cards for Animal Crossing with that kind of money.

Bidding on the above items is going on until Friday, May 8th. All of this auction’s proceeds will help benefit NYC Health + Hospitals, which will directly support the frontline workers of COVID-19. More auctions will be going live through April and May though, with a few more chances for fans n film buffs to snag some bits of A24 history.

Florence Pugh fans could potentially score the May Queen dress, yes, the one covered in over 10,000 hand-glued silk flowers from her horror film Midsommar. If you can get past the ritual sacrifice vibes, Miss Pugh herself says the dress is incredibly versatile. In an Instagram comment on the A24 post, she explains, “I should let you know that you can actually spend many hours in that flower dress. Good bang for your buck! You can sit in it, lie in it, shield from the rain in it. I’m sure if you had a potty you could wee under it! And then best of luck getting out of it.. “hoh” X.” How… is she so sweet.

And if that’s not your vibe, you could also get the bear headdress or finishing mallet from Midsommar. Purely for decoration purposes, I hope.

Adam Sandler’s Oscar bait film Uncut Gems is also throwing their bedazzled collectibles in the ring for charity. A number of items, including KMH trackies, the bat mitzvah dress worn by Idina Menzel and of course, that blinged-out Furby are all going to be auctioned for Queens Community House.

If you’re looking for a way to emulate a little Euphoria style without needing to sell a kidney, have a look at our guide to how to dress like Jules from Euphoria. A bit more of a budget-friendly option. 👌

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