‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ S13: Pastel Promo Realness

2020 has been a big year for RuPaul’s Drag Race—what with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12, RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5, Canada’s Drag Race and Drag Race Holland—but it doesn’t seem like the Drag Race wave is going to stop anytime soon. Announced this morning, the thirteenth season of the hit multi-Emmy-winning series is officially around the corner, premiering on Stan on the 2nd of January. 

RuPaul heard your complaints about Drag Race fatigue—but not the fracking, apparently—and said, “Okay, okay, okay, I won’t release anymore Drag Race this year. I promise 😉.”

For the season 13 promo, which had a gorgeously cute and soft pastel theme, RuPaul found yet another way to turn his name into a pun, “bring[ing] in the Ru Year with 13 new queens ready to rise to the runway.”

But, honestly, I’m more gagged at our reigning queen, Miss Jaida Essence Hall who revealed the cast to us in a gown dripping in blue butterfly and pearls, paired with ocean blue eyeshadow and velvet blue opera gloves. Anyway, without further adieu, here is the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13.

Who Are The Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13?


Denali is Chicago’s resident ice queen. While she admits she only has a few years experience as a drag queen, she has plenty years experience as a professional figure skater and grew up in Alaska. In fact, much of Denali’s unique drag incorporates ice skating and acrobatic elements. Denali is used to competing, but now at the Olympics of Drag, she is ready to break the ice. You can follow them on Instagram at @denalifoxx and on Twitter at @denalifox.

Elliot with 2 Ts

Elliot with 2 Ts is a Las Vegas based dancing queen. According to her Meet the Queen video, she’s only 26 but says she’s been doing drag for 12 years. Known for her ‘80s aesthetic and kicks and splits, she plans to dance circles around her competition. You can find Elliot with 2 Ts on Instagram at @therealelliottqueen and on Twitter at @theelliottqueen.


Gottmik is an LA-based celebrity makeup artist, former fashion student and the first trans man to appear on the main series. From their looks in the promo, we can already see them as a fan favourite. You can follow Gottmik at @gottmik.

Joey Jay

Joey Jay is a “celebrated Jewish princess” and the “lipstick lesbian” from Phoenix, Arizona. Known for their impeccable rhinestoning skills and dance ability, Jay sure will be one to beat. You can follow them at @joeyjayisgay.

Kahmora Hall

Hey bitches, Jaida Essence Hall’s drag sister is he~re. Chicago’s self-proclaimed Machie Barbie is the essence of glitz and glam, and will bring It to the runway and with style. You can follow her at @Kahmorahall.

Kandy Muse

The “bad and bougie” Dominican doll from New York City, and a Brooklyn Drag Queen of the Year, Kandy is the pro of bringing the drama, the sass and all that ass. Fun fact: she’s also another one of Aja’s drag daughters alongside season 12’s Dahlia Sin. Based on her Meet the Queen video, she’s my personal fave going into the season and most likely going to be The Confessional Queen. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @TheRealKandyMuse.

LaLa Ri

LaLa Ri is an Atlanta-born entertainer, known for her mix of sexy, classy and sassy, and a charming and fun personality. You can follow her at @MissLaLaRi.

Olivia Lux

Olivia Lux is a piano-playing New York-based baby queen diva. Her signature style comes from her love for old school Hollywood glam and musical theatre—her name comes from Scandal’s Olivia and the latin word for light, Lux. You can follow her over on @TheOliviaLux.


Rosé is another New York queen and “the quintessential New York showgirl.” A member of the girl group Stephanie’s Child alongside season 12’s Jan, Rosé’s drag name comes from their love for rosé and the colour pink. You can follow them at @omgheyrose.


Symone is an LA-based drag queen with a confident small-town country girl heart, originally from Arkansas. In her Meet the Queens video, she describes herself as “the Black goddess who’s come down to earth to save all of you” and a charismatic fashion girl. You can follow her on Instagram at @the_symone and on Twitter at @the_symonee.

Tamisha Iman

Tamisha Iman is an Atlanta-based drag queen who describes herself as “an old broom that can still sweep.” As the mother of a house of drag and LaLa Ri, Tamisha has impeccable sewing skills and makes all of her garments, gowns and jewels from scratch. You can follow her on Instagram at @tamisha_iman and on Twitter at @tamishaiman1.

Tina Burner

Tina Burner is a former boy band member turned Drag Race queen. A costume comedy queen and reigning National Miss Comedy Queen 2019, Burner is a NY legend and ready to set this game aflame. You can follow her on @TheTinaBurner.

Utica Queen

Utica Queen is a pop-art inspired artist and Minneapolis queen who thrives on their brand as a wacky, wavy inflatable arm tube queen. She describes herself as the one “cooky and spooky,” gay that escaped her hometown of 291 people. You can follow her on @QueenUtica.

If you want to know more about the queens, you can check out the compilation of their Meet the Queens videos below.

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