Let’s Watch Drunk Seb Stan Rewatching ‘Gossip Girl’, Shall We?

Show me someone who hasn’t once tearfully—or wistfully—scrolled through their camera roll of pre-pandemic memories this year and I’ll show you a liar. Yes, being mindful and living in the present moment is probably the thing we should be leaning into, but when the present moment is a bit garbage, sometimes you just wanna go 🔙, ya know? Perhaps with a glass of red wine in hand à la Sebastian Stan? Over the weekend the man behind the Winter Soldier’s inexplicable eyeliner got extremely lit and decided to throw it all the way back, rewatching the first-ever episode of Gossip Girl.

We didn’t know we needed this, but now it’s hard to imagine our week not beginning with an IGTV video of Seb drunkenly reacting to the premiere Gossip Girl ep. “I loved the glory days of Sebastian Stan in his like, Slavic thot phase,” noted Syrup‘s EIC Mahalia Chang, and apparently so does he.

“It was the best of times and it was the best of times. Xoxo, Gossip Girl,” the Winter Soldier actor captioned his post, celebrating the 13th anniversary of the CW soap, which first aired back in 2007. “Okay,” he says with trepidation, before chugging a glass of red wine and making incredible facial expressions for the next one minute and 36 seconds of the IGTV. At one point, he yells at Chase Crawford’s baby face and says, “Yeaaaas, Chase! I always wanted to have that hair.”

It’s one of many beautiful moments that’s seen the 2000s show re-enter the zeitgeist this year. We’re of course thinking of the premium memes remixing the Gossip Girl logo, as well as the news that a fresh reboot is coming. (Capitalism breeds innovation ✨) Thankfully, the upcoming show, which will feature the likes of Rookie creator Tavi Gevinson(!), is apparently gonna be a whole lot more critical of generational wealth and class issues.

We’ll be waiting for the drunk Sebastian Stan liveblog.

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Premiere 09/19/2007.

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