Book Your 24hr Flights Because You Can Now Rent Otis’ House In ‘Sex Education’

Question: did you watch Sex Education and wish you could live in as nice of a home as Otis’ three storey Norwegian-inspired wood-panelled mansion, and wake up every morning to a breathtakingly gorgeous view of a sun-kissed hillside from the view of your balcony? Have Gillian Anderson as your mum (separate but related query)?

Well, then good news for you. The house that Sex Education used for the location is about to be available to rent. Sex advice not included.

Tell me more…

The Chalet, Symonds Yat East is a 100-year-old three storey home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s located in the small earthy town of Symonds Yat East, a part of the hillside Wye Valley region and straddling the river connecting the English-Welsh border. 

While a majority of Sex Education was filmed in other Welsh locations like Penearth and Caerleon, scenes outside Otis’ home and every gorgeously extravagant and casual breakfast between teen sex therapist amateur Otis and his mother and actual sex therapist Dr. Milburn overlooking a breathtaking valley view was all from the backyard porch of The Chalet.

And she’s a beauty alright.

The home, which owner Stuart Morgan first bought in 2002, was originally only open to rent as a tenant and met with families and older couples. 

But, after the first season of Netflix’s raunchy, stupidly funny and relatable teen sex-infused comedy-drama in January 2019, requests to stay began to come from a far younger crowd, leading Morgan to open it up to fans and tourists alike and for a more casual stay.

So, when can I book it and how much is it?

As Morgan told Insider, he aims for the Chatel to be available from Easter. 

According to the Chalet’s website, Sex Education fans can currently sign up for the waiting list. But, if the over 3,000 requests in the first three months of the year tell us anything, you’ll be waiting for a while.

As for price? Tbh, we’re not quite sure. 

At the time of writing, the website doesn’t list anything and assumedly, it’s something discussed with Morgan when booking. 

Our bet? Well, given flights to Cardiff, U.K. sit between $1500-2500, at the very least, a few thousands.


But don’t go inviting the entire group chat for raging wild parties 

Given the huge space and Otis’ party boy tendencies in season two, it can be hard not to want to invite the entire group chat (ya know, the one with 40+ members) and throw a big rowdy drunken party. That’s a bit hard to do considering it’s literally on the other side of the world but, even then, Morgan warns against it.

“We have very good neighbours who we don’t want to disturb, and yes, absolutely we’re going to have to be very careful with who we invite to stay there and set certain parameters about behaviour,” he told Insider. “If you get a wild party, if you get a lot of noise, that would be unfortunate.”

No wild parties, got it. But what about a fancy tea party discussing sex therapy and philanthropy with tea, coffee and biscuits by the bal’ with bae? Mayhaps?

If you’re a young millionaire and can spare a few thousand dollars, The Chalet, Symonds Yat East is expected to become available come Easter. You can register to be on the waiting list on their website. Until then, we’ll be counting our pile of five cent coins and rewatch Sex Education for the fifth time, wishing Gillian Anderson was our mum. 

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