Meet Sophia Lillis, The Shy & Reserved Member Of The ‘It’ Crew

If you aren’t aware of Sophia Lillis, you’re sure about to v soon. The 18-year-old bright-eyed and slightly goofy actress is on the tipping point of stardom and part of the same crossover cast of teen actors including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff and Jaeden Martell. Best known as the female member of The Losers Club in It and leading Netflix’s cancelled-too-soon indie dramedy, I Am Not Okay With This, she’s just starred in Uncle Frank, a new Amazon comedy alongside actual Avenger Paul Bettany. But, who exactly is Sophia Lillis, the up-and-coming teen star? 

Who Is Sophia Lillis?

Sophia Lillis is an 18-year-old actress born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Per NME, Lillis and her twin brother Jake grew up on a healthy dose of classic films. When she listens to music, she goes on Apple Music, and searches through the new music button. “I’ve been listening to this French pop singer a lot, Lous and the Yakuza,” she said. Her and Glen Campbell’s ‘Southern Nights’ is a really good song! I also have some Bloodwitch on here,” Aka the fictional indie rock band in I Am Not Okay With This

And, as someone who’s always been working since her debut in 2017, she admitted that her high school experience felt quite estranged. “I felt like a bit of an outsider in school myself,” she told NME. “I was off working a lot, doing auditions and filming stuff, so I was often off school for months at a time. It never really felt like my home, or my school. I was never used to it. Things change. You come back home and it’s like, ‘That store wasn’t there before, this neighbourhood is different, school’s different, people are different – friends are already talking to other people’. Time doesn’t stop for you.”

How Old Is Sophia Lillis?

Sophia Lillis was born on the 13th of February, 2002, making her 18-years-old.

What has Sophia Lillis been in?

Like her co-star Jack Dylan Grazer and Enola Holmes star Millie Bobby Brown, Sophia Lillis has already built up quite the acting portfolio before even graduating from high school. After studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre in New York, she landed her breakout role in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It in 2017 as The Losers Club’s only girl, Beverly Marsh. Then, she appeared as a younger version of Amy Adams’s character in the 2018 HBO series, Sharp Objects, before starring as Nancy Drew in Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase in 2019. Recently, she’s also starred in Hansel & Gretel and along Paul Bettany in Amazon’s Uncle Frank.

But, beyond It, she’s most famously known as Sydney, in Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This. She plays an angsty teenage girl dealing with her dad’s passing, her burgeoning crush on her female best friend Dina, and her uncontrollable telekinetic powers. Her It co-star and pal Wyatt Oleff joins her on the show as Syd’s neighbour and pal, Stanley Barber. In an interview with Junkee back in March, Lillis described working with Oleff again as “a lot of fun! I’m so glad he got the role.”

“Getting to actually work with him again, and in a lot more scenes than in It, was really kind of refreshing,” she continued. “I felt kind of relieved because I didn’t have to have that experience of trying to get this relationship with this person. I already know him, so we already have that kind of relationship, and we were already very close to begin with.”

Sophia Lillis’s private life

In an interview with The Guardian, Sophia Lillis revealed that despite being catapulted into fame and Hollywood stardom during her teens, she still keeps her life quite private. Unlike Grazer, Lillis’s instagram is run by her brother and mostly features promotional shots and content about what she’s currently working on. 

“I am always terrified,” she told The Guardian about using social media. “Whatever you post, there’s always something wrong with it.” And that may explain why you couldn’t comment on some of her earlier comments. Besides her brother, “80 percent” of Sophia Lillis’s career is managed and aided by her mum. “She helps me with my lines, reads through ’em with me every single day,” she said in the same interview. “She helps me choose the jobs, she reads the scripts beforehand and then sends them over to me. There’s not a moment when she’s not helping me.”

In her spare time, Lillis, is like any other teenager and the rest of us, playing Animal Crossing. Beyond that, and via NME, she’s trying to learn accents, drawing, learning the guitar, “taking literature classes to get into Chekhov,” swimming and considering taking up boxing.

Who is Sophia Lillis dating?

Given her social media is so private, it’s hard to say whether the It star is dating anyone. After Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This, fans shipped her and her co-star and pal Wyatt Oleff, but they’re nothing more than friends—and Oleff is dating someone else. And, given her boldly tenacious and hard-working work ethic to acting, we wouldn’t be surprised if she just isn’t bothered dating anyone right now and is focusing on herself and her career.

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