I Am In Love With This Korean Grandma On TikTok

Good morning to nobody but TikTok’s Korean grandma, @Chunja46.

With the United Nations (UN) now declaring the Covid-19 pandemic the “worst world crisis since World War II,” and with over 855,000 confirmed cases worldwide as of writing, things are looking pretty dicey. And, that’s not even considering the domino effect of recessions this crisis will bring to our economy and the rest of the world.


So, while we’re all stuck inside self-isolating, Tiktok has kinda become the perfect means of escapism. Some have used the app to promote washing your hands and the anti-Covid-19 dance, commented on our government and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s lockdown measures, or simply, used it as an opp to redecorate

But, TikTok user and beloved Korean grandma Chunja46 is imo the biggest mood. 


##집콕생활 😎

♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach


♬ The Prowler – Daniel Pemberton

From “Flip The Switch” To The Coronavirus Dance, Chunja46 Truly Is The Social Media Queen We Need RN

Little is truly known about Chunja46 outside of the mythos created in her videos. From what we can tell, she’s wholesome, a fashionista and too powerful for her own good.

Her videos, all shot inside her house, are the bright ray of sunshine we all need since we’re all going stir-crazy from a lack of socialisation. Especially when we’re all trapped inside and haven’t had our daily dose of vitamin D in weeks, rip.



♬ SLAP A MUSICIAN hi you should follow livelans – livelans


♬ Nonstop – Drake

@UN’s Food & Ag Org 코로나바이러스 예방을 위하여… ##coronavirus ##covid19

♬ Macarena – Los Del Rio

With over 520,000 followers and 1 million likes, she’s a verified (tick) social media queen and no amateur to TikTok trends.

And, I love her. 

Here she is being iconic af


어디서 껌 좀 씹으셨어요? 😂

♬ Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson


♬ The Mop – TisaKorean

@hannah 🥺

♬ Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

Oh, and did we forget to mention this sweet old lady has superhuman reflexes?



♬ Ultra Instinct – adamdevito


♬ origineel geluid – sticktokvince

🍎 ##사과쪼개기

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 46년생 춘자씨


♬ sonido original – ariadnaricciari

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And, if you’re worried about Covid-19, check out our constantly updating resources and FAQ page on the pandemic and make sure to take some time away from the news and practise some self-care and wellbeing exercises. And, if you need to talk to someone, know people at Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) are here to listen.

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