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Troye Sivan, Kim Petras And More Are Performing To Raise Money For LGBTQI+ Nightlife

The days of the week no longer exist, months are slowly ceasing to matter, time is a construct but one thing remains certain. This is the season of our Onlineness.

From Animal Crossing marriages to virtually instant TikTok remixes of political speeches, the congregation around WiFi is really beginning to remind us of that scene in March of the Penguins. Except we’re all huddled against our phones trying to hold onto the whisper of human touch and warmth through a screen. The latest effort to keep us all together comes from The Stonewall Inn, who are putting on a live stream concert called ‘The Stonewall Inn Gives Back’ to fundraise for the LGBTQI+ nightlight industry.

Every industry is facing challenges under the coronavirus pandemic, with heavy job losses, particularly in the retail, hospitality and events industry. People employed across the LGBTQI+ nightlife industry are doing it tough. The Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative is raising money for U.S. residents “who have worked in LGBTQ nightlife for at least 12 months and for whom it is their main source of income.”

The event is being hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage the concert will feature performances and appearances from a truly incredible range of people. We’ve got young pop honeys like Troye Sivan and Kim Petras, the Brazillian artist and frequent Charli XCX collaborator Pabllo Vittar, and a number of drag queens including Nina West and Peppermint. But there’s also the likes of Alan Cumming (!), Kristen Chenowith (??), Cyndi Lauper (!!!!), and Rufus Fucking Wainwright!


So no, it’s not just a Troye Sivan concert or the Kim Petras show, as amazing as those would be too. The Stonewall Inn Gives Back concert will air on YouTube for east coast Aussies at 10 am, this coming Friday the 24th, and 8 am for those on the west coast.

Troye and Kim aren’t the only cuties doing their bit for charity. We’ve also had a look at the celebs who are doing the most to help during corona (decidedly not Gal Gadot/Vanessa Hudgens), and if you do nothing else today, we encourage you to take a look at Ansel Elgort’s nudes for charity.

Lead image via Instagram @kimpetras, @pabllovittar, and Twitter, @troyesivan.

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