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Wait, Did Zayn Malik Just Reveal That He’s Secretly Engaged To Gigi Hadid?

It’s been a big couple weeks for baby news. Between the confirmation of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s baby and Grimes and Elon Musk welcoming little X Æ A-12 into the world, there are a lotta people we’re v intrigued to get their parenting styles on. For the record, Malik says couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming a daddy.

Now, just days after we saw Hadid happily chatting about her and Malik’s bundle of joy, people are wondering if the model is glowing with happiness for another reason, too. Fresh off her cute birthday and the baby news, people are now speculating that Malik and Hadid may actually be engaged.

Yesterday, it was revealed Malik and Hadid are sporting matching evil eye bracelets. Sent by a Detroit based jewellery designer, George Khalife, the bracelets are symbolic in Middle Eastern culture. They’re meant to ward off jealousy and negativity, in an Instagram post, he wished the couple well. He added to his beautiful gift with the sentiment, “good vibes only,” and the champagne clink emoji followed by “congrats.”

While the bracelets were sent as a gift, and don’t necessarily spell out an engagement, the designer may have inadvertently dropped another clue about a Hadid and Malik engagement. In an Instagram story he shared, we can spot a new, never before seen tattoo on Malik’s arm.

The former One Direction singer has a sizeable tattoo collection, but this one might have some engagement or perhaps even matrimonial significance. The text is actually part of a poem, titled “On Love And Marriage,” by Kahlil Gibran. Malik posted a photo depicting two lovers alongside the poem in May last year, which may have been around the time he got the tattoo.

We know from Hadid’s Instagram account the couple has been together since *at least* December last year. However, the tattoo does seem to suggest that the pair were orbiting each other or in each other’s thoughts even earlier than that. The opening lines read, “You were born together and together you shall be forevermore. But let there be spaces in your togetherness…” Could this be a hint of a secret engagement? Apparently, this poem is very popular among couples: it’s often used during their wedding ceremonies. The Malid and Hadid engagement plot thickens. 🤔

The new–very romantic–tattoo wouldn’t be the first time Malik’s gotten a permanent tribute to his on-off-on-baby-mama girlfriend. The singer also has Hadid’s eyes etched on his chest, a very permanent horny move.

Some Twitter users think the tattoo indicates the couple actually already got married in secret, or at the very least are definitely engaged. Unless the all-powerful internet can dig up concrete evidence, we’re just gonna have to wait to find out.

Lead image via Instagram @yolanda.hadid.

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